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Celebrate National Pretzel Day With Yours Truly!

Posted on April 27 2018

Today is a day that we hold dear to our hearts. It is one of the most important holidays that we celebrate here at the Fatty Sundays headquarters!.April 26th marks National Pretzel Day, a day for pretzel-lovers like ourselves to indulge in their favorite treat. We obviously celebrated by snacking on our chocolate covered pretzels, and with all of our excitement, they tasted just a tiny bit sweeter today! 

National Pretzel Day

You're probably wondering, how did National Pretzel Day even become an holiday? In the 19th century, European immigrants introduced the pretzel to North America, specially Pennsylvania, so a lot of the pretzel history and popularity we still see today originated then and there. Fast forward centuries, and in 2003, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell declared April 26th National Pretzel Day, to honor the importance of the pretzel to the state’s history and economy. Read more about National Pretzel Day here for a quick history lesson!

If you love pretzels just as much as we do, rejoice with some Fatty Sundays in hand! Our Standard Boxes and Pretzel Bites make for great snack-able treats to enjoy or to share with friends and family. Or, gift an Assorted Set or Gift Box to your favorite pretzel-loving gal pal. We have so many options and flavors to choose from, that you’re bound to find a flavor (or two or three!) that you absolutely can't get enough of. Here are Fatty Sundays, we've transformed the traditional salty pretzel by covering it in sweet chocolate goodness. We''re so excited to share our confections with you on National Pretzel Day, and every other day of the year!


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