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Chocolate Covered Matzah Dessert Recipes for Passover

Posted on March 13 2018

Who knew the words “matzah” and “delicious” could be used in the same sentence? Here at Fatty Sundays, we’ve transformed the traditional flatbread by dipping it in decadent chocolate and smothering it with different toppings. We’ve gone one step further and created speciality dessert recipes with our matzah as the main ingredient. Read on for how to incorporate your Fatty Sundays matzah into indulgent desserts that are sure to satisfy your Seder guests this Passover.
 Matzah Ice Cream Sandwiches

Matzah Ice Cream Sandwiches

All you’ll need is Fatty Sundays matzah and ice cream. If you’re based in New York, we highly recommend one of our all time favorites, Davey’s ice cream. For the sammies, any or all flavors of our matzah will do, and we suggest using classic vanilla ice cream. Create the perfect matzah treat by placing one ice cream scoop in between two matzah pieces. Warning: this will get messy (but totally worth it).

Matzah and Nut Butter Sandwich

Matzah and Nut Butter and Honey Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Matzah Sandwiches

Head to your local gourmet shop for Justin’s peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut butter. Lather a piece of matzah with a scoop of your favorite nut butter, then cover with another matzah piece to create a drool-worthy sandwich. We love pairing peanut butter with our Rainbow Sprinkles Matzah and chocolate hazelnut butter with our Toffee Matzah. For a great substitute to the classic PB+J sandwich, drizzle honey over the peanut butter before closing the sandwich. We love Bushwick Kitchen’s salted honey. Have fun mixing and matching to see which decadent combination of matzah and nut butter you love the most!

Chocolate Covered Matzah and Caramel Drizzle

Matzah Caramel Drizzle

Need a new idea for a centerpiece at your Seder table? Stack up a bunch of matzah pieces one by one on a plate, and drizzle Fat Toad Farm caramel all over the top and sides. Imagine biting into something that’s crunchy, smooth, sweet, and salty, all in one bite… it’s heavenly. Guests won’t believe their eyes, or taste buds.

Our chocolate covered matzah is now available online in an assortment of yummy flavors: Sprinkles, Toffee, Sea Salt, and Cinnamon Sugar, all of which are also available gluten-free. If you’re hosting or attending a Seder dinner this Passover, you’ll want to head to our site for this treat right away!



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