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Orange Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

Posted on May 13 2016

Orange pretzels make for a great summertime snack

You might be thinking orange flavor and chocolate covered pretzels is an unusual combination. You are right, it is! But, with our orange pretzels, the tangy orange flavor perfectly compliments the salty pretzel rod and sweet chocolate cookies. The rich dark chocolate that we use brings out the orange flavor, leaving you with a sophisticated, citrus-y, and sweet burst of delight! Orange Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature Orange slices are often dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with sea salt, making for a tasty, popular summertime snack. What better way to replace the sea salt than with a salty pretzel rod! After a generous dip in our orange infused dark chocolate, our pretzel rods are perfectly coated in delicious, crumbly chocolate cookies. As the summer goes on, our dark chocolate orange pretzels become a snack or dessert necessity. One of our favorite summer activities is relaxing by the pool or beach with a big scoop of fruity sorbet. We suggest topping your sorbet with some crumbled orange pretzels. You'll definitely enhance the sorbet flavor, and add a crunchy bite to it! No spoon in sight?! You can also use a Fatty Sundays pretzel rod as an edible spoon. Going to a weekend pool party or a summer bash? Surprise your hostess with these sweet + salty pretzel treats and you'll be guaranteed an invite back!


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