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  • Easter Bunny Vanilla Carrot Cake

    Posted on March 12 2018

    Easter Bunny Vanilla Carrot Cake
    There’s a fun way to eat veggies, and at Fatty Sundays, obviously it is as a dessert. You’re probably wondering: veggies for dessert, really? We were skeptical about it at first too, but we gave it a try and were delighted by the result. Easter is just around the corner, and as we were thinking of fun ideas for our Easter photoshoot, we started picturing cute little Easter bunnies nibbling on carrots. That thought inspired us to make a yummy vanilla carrot cake for the holiday. As everyone kn...
  • Easter Lemon Cake with Sprinkle Pretzels

    Posted on March 20 2017

    Easter Lemon Cake with Sprinkle Pretzels
    With Easter (and Spring!) just around the corner, we bring you a delicious recipe for a Lemon Cake with White chocolate frosting, completely lined with Fatty Sundays Easter Sprinkle pretzels. This cake is a mixture of sweet and tart flavors, and it's almost too pretty to eat! Easter Lemon Cake with White Chocolate Frosting Recipe Ingredients For the cake: Wet ingredients:6 eggs 3 cups of white sugar zest of two lemons 3/4 cup of greek yogurt 3 sticks of butter, melted and cooled 2 1/4 cups o...


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