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  • A Q+A with the ‘Proud Dad’ of Fatty Sundays!

    Posted on January 30 2019

    A Q+A with the ‘Proud Dad’ of Fatty Sundays!
    Today marks a very important milestone for the Fatty Sundays family - it’s our Dad’s 65th birthday! Our Dad, Jeff, is the biggest Fatty Sundays supporter (and challenger) out there. He’s known as “Proud Dad” at every trade show and holiday market we attend (we’re pretty sure people come to our booth just to say hi to him). Fatty Sundays wouldn’t be where it is today without him and his endless energy, positivity and encouragement. To celebrate our Dad on his milestone birthday, we interviewed...
  • Our Story, On National Entrepreneurs’ Day

    Posted on November 19 2018

    Our Story, On National Entrepreneurs’ Day
    On National Entrepreneurs’ Day today, we first want to thank you for supporting our pretzel journey and being a part of our story, which started just over 6 years ago. We wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of you. We love you all! If you’re new to our story, welcome to Fatty Sundays! This small, family-owned business was born, of course, in Mom’s kitchen. Growing up, sisters Ali and Lauren loved snacking on Mom’s famous chocolate covered sprinkle pretzels. By early 2010...


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