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14 Reasons To Love Our Matzah Cake

14 Reasons To Love Our Matzah Cake

Sound the chocolate-covered-alarms! We have some big sweet+salty news for you. It’s almost Passover, which means it’s almost time to indulge in our yummy chocolate covered matzah treats. This Passover season we wanted to do something super super special with our chocolate covered matzah. After lots of taste testing, we are thrilled to present our limited edition Matzah Cake! 14 matzah sheets high, this decadent layered cake is both mouth-watering delicious and jaw-dropping gorgeous. Here are 14 reasons to fall in love with our 14 Layer Sprinkles Matzah Cake this season!

Chocolate covered matzah cake

Chocolate covered matzah cake

1. So. Much. Chocolate.This cake is comprised of some matzah, but mostly of thick layers of creamy milk chocolate sandwiched in between. Mmmm.

2. Sprinkles Make Everything Better. Who doesn’t love fun and festive rainbow sprinkles? They’re just perfect to celebrate with any time of year, for any holiday. This cake features rainbow sprinkles galore, plus more rainbow sprinkles to top.

3. It’s 14 Sheets High. Enough said.

4. It’s Crazy Delicious. Crunchy matzah sheets covered in creamy milk chocolate and rainbow sprinkles? Yes, it’s amazing.

5. It’s OU-D Kosher. All of our products, including our matzah treats, are certified OUD-Kosher.

6. Host An Unforgettable Seder With It. Your guests will remember this cake long after the Seder dinner is over, trust us.

7. It Arrives Straight To Your Doorstep. Don’t worry about planning ahead with your local bakery to get your homemade Passover desserts. Simply order this magnificent cake online and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Easy, peasy.

8. Ready-Made, No Baking Required. You won’t have to lift a finger, except for when you’re ready to cut into it.

9. It’s Brooklyn-Made. We’re here spreading sweet+salty, chocolate love - it’s the Brooklyn way.

10. Fresh And Made To Order. We make our matzah cakes to order, so rest assured yours will arrive fresh.

11. It’s So Instagrammable. Get your phone ready to snap pics before anyone dives in.

12. Guaranteed To Impress. It’ll wow every single guest at your Seder, every co-worker, all friends and family, your Insta followers...guaranteed.

13. It’s Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before. Sure, you may have heard of chocolate covered matzah before we came along, but had you ever heard of a chocolate matzah cake? Neither had we.

14. It’s Totally Over The Top. And in the best way possible.

Chocolate covered matzah cake

Our matzah cake is the ultimate dessert for any large Seder. Or, simply order this cake to do something extra, extra special for Passover this year. Happy Passover, everyone!

PLEASE NOTE: Our matzah is not certified Kosher for Passover. Our matzah is certified OU-D Kosher.



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