meet the 2 sisters behind Fatty Sundays, Ali + Lauren! Without any culinary or business experience, these hard-working entrepreneurs launched a successful chocolate covered pretzel company out of their Mom's Long Island, NY kitchen. They are shaking up a sleepy snack category and making people very happy, 1 gourmet chocolate covered pretzel gift at a time!

i'm Ali (the older sister!) i live in Los Angeles with my husband and 2 kids.

before starting Fatty Sundays, i was an in-house graphic designer for Equinox and never ever imagined leaving design.

my current favorite flavor is salted caramel. it's seriously delicious.

i'm Lauren (the younger sister!) i live in Brooklyn with my husband and daughter.

before Fatty Sundays, i had an accounting job waiting at Ernst & Young. against the odds, i deferred my offer and never looked back.

my all time favorite flavor is peppermint. nothing better!

working as sisters is the best. we couldn't imagine it any other way. of course it has challenges, but we've figured out our strengths (and weaknesses!) and how to make it work because family is the most important thing to us. our mom and dad and older sister have been a huge part of this pretzel adventure, too! more about them below....

our crazy pretzel journey

it all started in...


Ali's a designer. Lauren's at Cornell University. One Sunday, with Mom, Dad and older sister Risa, they have their aha moment. The world needed Mom's milk chocolate covered pretzels with rainbow sprinkles. Flavor and packaging ideas fire the sisters up. Melt, dip, sprinkle, taste. This was the day-to-day for months in Mom’s Long Island kitchen.

from our family

our family is our everything! thank you for being a part of this sweet pretzel journey with us.