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Custom Colored Sprinkle Pretzels For J.Crew And DryBar

Posted on March 15 2019

We’ve talked a lot about our customizable box favors, but did you know we also do custom colored bulk (unpackaged) pretzels? Our unpackaged pretzel rods are a great option for any event’s dessert bar, such as for weddings, birthday parties and store events. We are so honored to have worked with some of our favorite brands, like J.Crew and DryBar, on custom bulk pretzels for special store celebrations. Read on to learn more about each brand’s pretzels!


On National Stripes Day last year, we sent bulk pretzels to J.Crew’s New York store locations. We custom matched the sprinkle colors to their light blue and white stripes colors. With the solid white and solid blue colors alternating on each pretzel, the pretzel rods looked like stripes! The store employees celebrated the day with delicious, festive pretzels in hand.

Chocolate covered pretzel rods with yellow and white sprinkles


More recently, we are thrilled to be sweetening up all of The DryBar's store openings nationwide with custom white chocolate, yellow and white sprinkle pretzels. We custom matched the sprinkle colors to their brand's bright yellow and white color scheme. The white chocolate base really makes the bright yellow color pop on the pretzels! If you’ve ever been to a DryBar location, you’ll recognize that yellow color in their branding. We absolutely love getting blowouts at The DryBar - they are the best! If you have a DryBar shop opening up in your town this year, you must go to the opening events and treat yourself to pretzels while getting beautified!

For both J.Crew and DryBar, we took care of all the hassle of shipping and sent the pretzels directly to each store location. And don’t worry, we’re pretzel packaging experts now and wrap all bulk pretzels with extra tender, love and care.

Our custom colored sprinkle pretzels can come in any shade to perfectly match your event’s theme or your company’s branding. They’re so easy to serve at events and meetings, and require little clean up after they’ve all been eaten!


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