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DIY Easter Bird Nests

DIY Easter Bird Nests

Hoppy Easter! This time of year there are so many ways to get crafty and creative. It's like a cuteness overload when Spring comes, with pretty pastels everywhere, and we love it. We made something that is very easy to do and looks just so pretty: Easter nests filled with sweet treats! We filled our nests with our Pretzel Bites and Cadbury Eggs. These little bird nests make for a great decoration to scatter everywhere in your home this Spring: on your dining room table, in the kitchen, outside, you name it. Read on to learn how to make these! Plus, there’s a bonus section on how to dye Easter eggs, if you’re feeling really creative and want to make an activity out of it.

Easter bird nests with chocolate covered pretzel bites and Cadbury eggs

Egg-ceptional Easter Nests

-Head to the best crafts store ever, Michael’s, for these decorative bird nests.
-Fill your nests with our Birthday Cake Bites and pastel Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs. You can find the Cadbury eggs at any drugstore this time of year.
-We also have our first time ever, limited edition Easter Bites Box filled with pastel colored sprinkle pretzel bites that you can use instead for a really festive look.

And that’s it! It’s super easy to make these, and trust us: you'll get many compliments from guests that come by for your Spring festivities.

If you’re looking for an Easter activity to do with friends or family, dying Easter eggs is always a fun one. It’s kid-friendly and never gets old. Then fill your bird nests with your dyed Easter eggs!

Pastel colored Easter eggs and chocolate covered pretzel bites in an egg carton

Color Dyed Easter Eggs

There are many ways that you can decorate your eggs. Our favorite is by dying them, which is the traditional way.

What You Need

-Hard-boiled eggs
-Paper towels
-Cups or bowls
-Spoon or tongs
-Boiling water
-White vinegar
-Liquid food coloring

How to Dye Eggs

-Prepare your hard-boiled eggs, then let cool.
-Cover your space with paper towels.
-Fill your bowl or cup with 1 cup of hot water. You will want enough water to completely cover the egg. Add one teaspoon of white vinegar and about 20 drops of food coloring. Repeat until you have all of the colors you want in separate bowls/cups.
-Place egg carefully on a spoon and dunk, turning occasionally so both sides get color. Keep in liquid for up to 3 minutes for a pastel color. Remember, the longer you leave it in, the darker the color will go!
-Carefully remove the egg and set aside to dry. You can put it back in the egg carton to let dry. Repeat until you have dyed all your eggs.

You can also use all-natural dyes or a store-bought kit for dying Easter eggs. You can even paint them instead with watercolor or acrylic paint! We love the simple, pastel colored Easter eggs, but you can get creative with different decorations like color-blocking, polka dots or using darker colors.

We hope you have a lot of fun with this like we did, and we can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you with this easy DIY project!



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