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How To Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day

How To Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day

Happy National Employee Appreciation Day! Today, March 1st, is a day to recognize employees across all industries. Small and corporate businesses plan celebrations around the US to recognize the important achievements and awesome contributions of their employees.

Employees are so crucial to any and every company, and it’s so important to show them that you appreciate all of their hard work. Go beyond a verbal “Great job!” or email sent at the end of the week. Here are three creative, fun and thoughtful ways to show your appreciation, whether it be today on National Employee Appreciation Day, or any workday!

3 Fun Ways To Show Your Employees Some Appreciation

#1 A Team Celebration

Reward a job well done with an office pizza party or an ultimate breakfast feast. Here at the FS Headquarters we love ordering pizza pies for lunch or bringing in bagels in the morning for our staff, especially on more intense workdays, like during the holiday season.

#2 A Surprise Gift

Go above and beyond with a surprise gift box! And guess what? We can help you with that. As an example, we worked with Kate Spade on custom designed gift boxes for their store employees. Their special gift boxes included custom colored light pink and hot pink sprinkle pretzels and a cute, on-brand polka dot custom designed label on the box. We have so many customizable options and can bring your company’s brand to life with your employee gifts!

Gift box of chocolate covered pretzels with custom Kate Spade labelCustom colored light pink and hot pink sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels

#3 A Handwritten Thank You Note

A heartfelt, handwritten thank you note goes a long way and really shows that you put in the effort for each and every employee. Here at Fatty Sundays we can include a handwritten note card inside every gift box! Or, you also have the option of sending us your own personalized note cards or letters, and we’ll include them with each box.

While we always recommend our custom gift boxes for employee gifts, we also have standard gift assortments you can easily order on our site, as well as smaller, individual custom pretzel boxes. No matter what you choose, we can include thank you notes with any type of order. We can even send the gifts directly to your employees’ home or office location! It’s so easy (and fun!) to honor your employees with our many gift-able options.

If you have employees, be sure to show them some appreciation today. It will mean so much to them!



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