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July 4th Party Ideas

July 4th Party Ideas

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to look ahead and plan your Independence Day celebration. You can celebrate July 4th with a great outdoor bash that's fuss-free and fun! Here are a few ideas for making your 4th of July party a big hit for everyone who attends.

Create a Patriotic Theme

The best 4th of July parties feature star-spangled themes that would make Uncle Sam himself very proud. String some twisted, intertwined lengths of red, white and blue crepe paper under your party tent or through your porch railings, or order matching red, white and blue round circle balloons to make your party all about the USA! Visit your local party shop and pick up some small American flags and patriotic pinwheels to use in your table centerpieces. Don't forget to buy paper plates and napkins decorated with stars and stripes, too!

Serve a Variety of Crowd-Pleasing Foods

It's important that your guests are served delicious food! Make sure to have a variety of things on hand to please every palate. If you're going to grill outside, include a variety of grilled foods that will satisfy the meat-eaters among your guests as well as the vegetarians, such as hamburgers, hotdogs & vegetable kebabs. Don’t hesitate to mix things up a bit when it comes to side dishes. Offer plenty of fresh fruits and a hearty variety of salads and breads to ensure everyone leaves with a full belly. And by all means, don't forget to have a nice assortment of ice-cold drinks on hand to keep your guests cool and refreshed all day long!

Offer Your Guests Fatty Sundays Pretzels

Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels make the sweetest party favors for your 4th of July celebration! Our Summer Sprinkle pretzels made with milk chocolate are perfect for July 4th as they're festively decorated with red, white and blue sprinkles. Not only do they look amazing but they taste great too. Be sure to order plenty to go around as they're sure to be a big hit among your guests of all ages! We recommend 2-3 pretzels per person, and the pretzels also make great spoons for any ice cream you may be serving! There’s also the option to create custom pretzel favors for your guests to leave with, which you can design with a red, white and blue color palette as well.



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