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(Re)Branding Made Easy With Custom Pretzel Favors

(Re)Branding Made Easy With Custom Pretzel Favors

Looking to give your company a fresh, new look? It’s probably time to say goodbye to that outdated logo and confusing website. Change is hard, but sometimes so necessary! And once you’ve finalized exactly what needs to change, you’ll have to communicate your company’s new brand with your clients. Well, we can help you with that part!

We love creating custom branded pretzel favors for any sort of occasion, whether it be for client thank you gifts, for a product launch, as part of your rebranding strategy... you name it. We can really bring your company’s vision and brand to life with totally customized pretzels and packaging. Choose from our 10+ flavor list, or make your pretzels really stand out with custom colored sprinkles to match your brand’s color palette.

Most recently, we've worked with brands such as Facebook, LYFT, Toyota and Hallmark, to name a few! When HireLevel decided to rebrand, they included our pretzel favors in their welcome bags for clients. They’re a recruitment company that helps employers hire new candidates and helps guide individuals searching for new job opportunities. The branded pretzel favors were the perfect way to say “Hi” to clients, with their new logo and new colors displayed on the box. We also custom matched the sprinkle colors to their bright red logo!

Two chocolate covered pretzel rods with red sprinkles in a white box with HireLevel logoHireLevel Custom Boxes

We really can do a lot for your company’s brand. Here are 5 of the many ways we can help:

    1. Dropship ‘em. We make it very simple to ship to multiple addresses. Just provide us with the addresses, and we’ll send your pretzel treats directly to your clients’ doors.
    2. Include a personal touch. Include a handwritten gift note with each box. Or, design your own custom note card with your logo and special messaging.
    3. Customize everything. We can match almost any color in the rainbow with our custom sprinkles. Or, incorporate your company colors on the label design. And that’s not the only way you can customize your favors. Learn more here.
    4. Only delicious, gourmet treats. It’s hard to find a food option that looks good and tastes good. Well, we’ve got you covered. Our pretzel treats are hand-dipped in the finest chocolate and covered in delicious toppings (or sprinkles - you choose!).
    5. Impeccable customer service. We have endless options for customization, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Work with our custom orders coordinator and creative in-house designer to create the custom label for your box. All you have to do is send us your logo and ideas, and we’ll make it happen for you.

Our pretzels are the ideal little treat to publicize your new brand to your clients, whether on their own or within a thoughtful welcome bag. Or, if you’re launching a new brand, you’ll want to entice new and prospective clients with our super tasty sweet treats. Plus, you’ll have so much room for creativity when you work with us. With countless options and levels of customization available (individual custom box or corporate gift box, kraft or white box, standard flavor or custom colored sprinkles, and so on), we’ll help you select what’s best for your company’s needs.

Chocolate covered pretzel rods with pink, yellow and blue sprinkles in white boxes with customized design

Want some inspiration? Check out some of our past custom creations in our beautiful photo gallery. Say hi and give us a call at 646-762-2555, or email us at, to get started on your corporate favors! We love to chat all things pretzels.



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