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  • It's National Chocolate Day!

    Posted on October 28 2016

    It's National Chocolate Day!
    We're (Obviously) Chocolate Lovers Here at Fatty Sundays On Sundays, we eat sweets. That’s our mantra here at Fatty Sundays. Most people would agree Sunday is the designated cheat day, and chocolate is our favorite treat to enjoy on this special day of the week. But since it’s National Chocolate Day today, we have an extra treat yo’self day this week. Chocolate has a long history, dating back to the Aztecs. Did you know that, for most of its history, cacao was a bitter drink, not something s...
  • Branded Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Posted on July 12 2016

    Branded Chocolate Covered Pretzels
    Brand your own custom Fatty Sundays pretzels What sets Fatty Sundays apart are our branded chocolate covered pretzels. Work with our creative in-house graphic designer to customize your very own pretzels. We can bring your vision and your personal or company brand to life with completely custom pretzels and packaging. With several options for customization available, it is likely that if you can dream it, we can make it happen! Fatty Sundays makes custom pretzels for a wide variety of events ...
  • Peppermint Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

    Posted on July 08 2016

    Peppermint Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature
    Give our peppermint pretzels a try during this summer season Whether you’re relaxing by a hot beach or climbing in the chilly mountains, Fatty Sundays Peppermint Chocolate Covered Pretzels are great for any weather. Peppermint flavors are most popular in the winter around the holidays. While our pretzels are in high demand during the winter, we're here to remind you that minty flavor can be very refreshing in the summer, too! Our peppermint chocolate covered pretzels are dipped in rich dark c...
  • PB&J Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

    Posted on June 24 2016

    PB&J Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature
    The Fatty Sundays Version of the PB&J Sandwich The timeless combination of peanut butter and jelly is one of our all-time favorites. Because we love it so much, we decided to create Fatty Sundays PB&J pretzels. Made with creamy raspberry infused milk chocolate and covered in crushed peanuts, these classic flavors taste amazing on a pretzel rod. This flavor is one of our most unique. Want to give them a try? Be the coolest kid at school and whip these pretzels out of your lunch box! ...
  • Gluten Free Toffee Flavor Feature

    Posted on June 16 2016

    Gluten Free Toffee Flavor Feature
    Gluten Free Doesn't Mean Chocolate Free Gluten free definitely doesn’t have to mean toffee free or chocolate free! At Fatty Sundays we aim to please, so we’ve created Gluten Free Toffee chocolate covered pretzels. Toffee is one of our most popular flavors and always a customer favorite. Because of this, we’ve added the same great toffee taste to a gluten free pretzel rod for our gluten free customers to enjoy. Dipped in creamy milk chocolate and coated in crunchy toffee bits, this sweet and ...


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