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Throw An Unforgettable Monster Mash Party

Throw An Unforgettable Monster Mash Party

An Invite To Your Party Should Be A Treat

Being invited to your Halloween party should be a delight – attach a Halloween treat to your invitation to make it sweet! You can customize your Fatty Sundays pretzel box to include artwork and text that goes along with your party’s theme. Learn more about how our gifts and favors can make the perfect addition to your Halloween Party invitation.

Have A Fun Balance of Tricks & Treats

Include fun and easy-to-do games at your next Halloween bash. A couple of options include -

Guess How Many? 

Prepare a container of your favorite Halloween candy or Fatty Sundays pretzels, and have guests put in their guess of how many treats they think are in the jar when they get to the party. This is something that everyone can participate in, and the winner can walk away with the entire container! 

Halloween Bingo

Create a Halloween bingo board, using candy pieces, Fatty Sundays pretzel bites, or gluten free pretzels as markers. Afterwards, your guests can enjoy the treats they used to play the game. Everyone is a winner!

Ghost Hunt

Order Fatty Sundays custom white sprinkle pretzels and melt dark or milk chocolate to create the spooky eyes and mouths! Hide these ghostly treats around the house for guests to find. To add even more to the trickery, post puzzles and clues for guests on where to find these ghosts.

DIY Station

Sweets taste even better when you’ve put in the work for them. Put together a DIY station with pretzels, melted chocolate, and sprinkles, where people can make their very own chocolate covered pretzels. 

Party Favors

Because the fun shouldn’t end when the party is over. Create a haunting goodie bag of treats to follow your guests back home. Your goodie bag doesn’t have to be a boring plastic or paper bag, you can get creative with:
  • A mason jar with Halloween designs
  • A tiny pumpkin basket
  • A witches hat
  • A custom gift box of chocolate covered pretzels

Your Party, Your Way

At Fatty Sundays, we’re all about making your order unique to you! Whatever artwork or designs you have in mind, send them our way, and we will turn your idea into a real treat. We have over 10+ flavors and an endless variety of colored sprinkles for you to choose from. Check out some of our custom designs for some inspiration.



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