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Win Over The Birthday Co-Worker With This Sweet Treat

Posted on January 04 2020

Show your co-workers (or employees) some love on their birthday, with chocolate covered pretzels of course! Our Birthday Cake flavor, which also happens to be one of our best sellers, is a no-brainer. It’s so good that it comes in two ways: as pretzel rods and as pretzel bites. Both delicious options are under $5! Stock up so you always have a birthday gift on hand when you need it.

Our Birthday Cake pretzels are all about celebrating flavor. They're smothered in creamy white chocolate and coated in vanilla cookie crumble and rainbow sprinkles, so they’ll most likely be eaten in one sitting. They taste as sweet as your favorite childhood funfetti birthday cake and are just as fun and festive. Read on to learn more about ‘em!

Birthday Cake Rods, $3.49

Birthday cake pretzel rods made with white chocolate, vanilla cookies and rainbow sprinkles

Open up this bright blue and kraft box and you’ll find almost-too-pretty-to-eat pretzel rods inside. They’re perfect for the office birthday queen who loves pretty packaging or enjoys sweet little snacks with their morning coffee. Each box comes with three pretzel rods.

Birthday Cake Bites, $4.95

Birthday cake pretzel bites made with white chocolate, vanilla cookies and rainbow sprinkles

Our Bites have the same delicious flavor, but with even more sweetness packed in these little bite-sized nuggets. They're a great treat for the birthday co-worker to keep by their desk and snack on throughout the day. Each pouch weighs approximately four ounces.

Give your co-worker, team member or employee a sweet little surprise with these birthday treats, and add that extra special touch by including a handwritten note card with it! Gift these treats to one team member and they’ll be the talk of the whole team, because everyone loves birthday cake and chocolate covered pretzels. So make sure you have plenty handy!



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