celebrate Nat'l Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day on 10/7!


  • It's National Vanilla Milkshake Day

    Posted on June 20 2016

    It's National Vanilla Milkshake Day
    #NationalVanillaMilkshakeDay National Vanilla Milkshake Day is not one to miss! One of our favorite desserts (besides chocolate covered pretzels, of course) is a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with all different toppings. Today, instead of eating our vanilla ice cream with a spoon, we’re sipping it through a straw.  To jazz up a simple vanilla milkshake, simply add Fatty Sundays pretzels to the mix. We’ve decided to share our special Fatty Sundays Vanilla Milkshake recipe with you all. F...
  • Take a Summer Picnic with Fatty Sundays

    Posted on June 17 2016

    Take a Summer Picnic with Fatty Sundays
    Tomorrow’s #InternationalPicnicDay, and we will definitely be celebrating in Central Park. Some classic picnic necessities include cold cut sandwiches, a fun throw to sit on, a cute basket to hold your goodies, and a sweet snack to end the picnic with. Pack up all of your picnic essentials, and don't forget... Fatty Sundays has got you covered for that sweet and salty treat!  Our pretzels are so easy to carry and transport, making them an ideal snack for your next outdoor adventure. With sum...
  • Gluten Free Toffee Flavor Feature

    Posted on June 16 2016

    Gluten Free Toffee Flavor Feature
    Gluten Free Doesn't Mean Chocolate Free Gluten free definitely doesn’t have to mean toffee free or chocolate free! At Fatty Sundays we aim to please, so we’ve created Gluten Free Toffee chocolate covered pretzels. Toffee is one of our most popular flavors and always a customer favorite. Because of this, we’ve added the same great toffee taste to a gluten free pretzel rod for our gluten free customers to enjoy. Dipped in creamy milk chocolate and coated in crunchy toffee bits, this sweet and ...
  • Refinery29 Wished Us a Happy Birthday

    Posted on June 15 2016

    Refinery29 Wished Us a Happy Birthday
    Our 4th Birthday Celebration at Refinery29 Happy birthday to us! Today we celebrated our 4th birthday. We wanted to make it an extra special day, so we went to the Refinery29 offices to celebrate! Refinery29 is a leading digital-media company for women, and their beautiful, modern offices are located in the Financial District of Manhattan. We were lucky enough to check out their offices today, on a day that is very important to us! At Refinery29 today we did a pretzel-dipping demo for the...
  • Banana Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

    Posted on June 10 2016

    Banana Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature
    Go bananas for our banana pretzels Our banana pretzels will satisfy any chocolate or fruit craving! This unique flavor was inspired by the classic snack of dipping bananas in chocolate. Our banana chocolate covered pretzels are dunked in rich white chocolate and then coated with crunchy banana bits. The chocolate and banana flavors are definitely still there, but we've added a perfectly salty and crunchy pretzel rod to the bunch.  When we were growing up, we also really loved bananas and pea...


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