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Our Story

By early 2010 we could not keep our sweet and salty confections to ourselves any longer. It was time to reveal a family secret: flavored chocolate covered pretzels!

Inspired by Mom’s famous rainbow sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels, sisters Ali and Lauren, along with their Dad (Jeff), Mom (Karen) and sister (Risa), set out to reinvent and modernize the chocolate covered pretzel. Everyone’s favorite snack was about to get a makeover.

Many, many months of perfecting our pretzel dipping techniques, recipe tasting and testing, and lots of laughter ensued. There were ups (and downs!) and so many memorable moments as Fatty Sundays was expanding and spreading their love of chocolate covered pretzels across the country.

Now based in Brooklyn, Fatty Sundays has a 15+ flavor list. There’s a chocolate covered pretzel for every palette and each and every pretzel is thoughtfully flavored, generously dipped and perfectly decorated. As the company expands, their mission stays constant: to continue to share their gourmet, fun-flavored chocolate covered pretzels with the world and make people happy, one pretzel at a time!

Why Fatty Sundays you ask? Fatty Sundays was often a family day when everyone was home and spending time together. It was a day to kick back, relax and recharge, and indulge a little. While the mantra was “everything in moderation” growing up, sisters Ali and Lauren each developed a notoriously big sweet tooth (which they still have today!) It only helped that their Mom was an incredible baker – chocolate covered pretzels, brownies and cookies were her thing. Thus they dubbed Sundays, “Fatty Sundays”, a day to enjoy Mom’s treats!




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