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100 Reasons To Celebrate National Pretzel Day With Us!
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100 Reasons To Celebrate National Pretzel Day With Us!

Today is a day that we hold dear to our hearts. It's one of the most important holidays that we celebrate here at the Fatty Sundays headquarters! April 26th marks National Pretzel Day, a day for pretzel-lovers like ourselves to indulge in their favorite salty treat. We're celebrating with FREE SHIPPING today on all online orders! No minimum or code required. We only do this once a year, so get to it!

You're probably wondering, how did National Pretzel Day even become a holiday? In the 19th century, European immigrants introduced the pretzel to North America, specifically Pennsylvania, so a lot of the pretzel history and popularity we still see today originated then and there. Fast forward centuries, and in 2003, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell declared April 26th National Pretzel Day, to honor the importance of the pretzel to the state’s history and economy. Read more about National Pretzel Day here for a quick history lesson!

Happy National Pretzel Day text

If you love pretzels just as much as we do, take advantage of our once-a-year free shipping and rejoice with some Fatty Sundays in hand! Our Standard Boxes and Pretzel Bites make for great snack-able treats to enjoy or to share with friends and family. Or, gift an Assorted Set or Gift Box to your favorite pretzel-loving gal pal. We have so many options and flavors to choose from, you’re bound to find a flavor (or two or three!) that you or your recipient absolutely can't get enough of.

To help you get inspired, here's a list of 100 people and occasions to shop for on National Pretzel Day!

100 Reasons To Shop Our Pretzels On NPD

1. Just because
2. Bridal showers
3. To ask your Maid of Honor
4. To ask your Bridesmaids
5. Birthday party dessert bar
6. Thank you gifts
7. Corporate events
8. Employee appreciation gifts
10. Wish them happy birthday
11. Reveal yourself to your secret crush
12. Treat your co-workers
13. Surprise your work wife
14. For your BFF
15. College care packages
16. Wedding favors
17. Show your sister some love
18. Show your brother some love
19. For the bride-to-be
20. Get well gifts
21. Congratulate the graduate
22. Memorial Day BBQ
23. July 4th BBQ
24. Snacks for the pool
25. Hotel welcome bags
26. Snacks for getting ready on your wedding day
27. Bachelorette parties
28. Wedding dessert bar
29. Client thank you gifts
30. Treats to seal the deal
31. Housewarming gifts
32. Cinco De Mayo
33. Celebrate summer
34. To snack on with wine any day
35. To snack on with beer any day
36. For your boyfriend
37. For your girlfriend
38. For your wife
39. For your husband
40. Sympathy treats
41. Proms & formals
42. Anniversary gifts
43. New baby boy gifts
44. New baby girl gifts 
45. For your office admin professionals
46. For your mailman or woman
47. New puppy gifts
48. New kitty gifts
49. Office parties
50. Prospective new clients
51. School parties
52. For your grandma this Mother's Day
53. For your mother-in-law this Mother's Day
54. For your sister this Mother's Day
55. For your auntie this Mother's Day
56. For your BFF this Mother's Day
57. For your mama this Mother's Day
58. Graduation parties
59. Baby girl showers
60. Baby boy showers
61. For your girls' night in
62. Bachelor parties
63. For your man crush
64. Celebrate spring
65. Snacks for your movie marathon
66. Rooftop parties
67. Snacks for your "me" time
68. To snack on while reading
69. Thank them for hosting you
70. For your dad this Father's Day
71. For your grandpa this Father's Day
72. For your brother this Father's Day
73. For your father-in-law this Father's Day
74. For your uncle this Father's Day
75. Treats for your kids' play dates
76. For your kiddos
77. Teacher gifts
78. For your doorman
79. For your Saturday night babysitter snacks
80. For your housekeeper
81. Thank your assistant
82. To fill your gift baskets
83. Send to someone special far away
84. To keep in your pantry
85. Welcome home a loved one
86. Apology gifts
87. Simply to make someone smile
88. Gender reveal parties
89. To bake with
90. Study snacks
91. For your trainer
92. For your manicurist
93. For your date night in
94. For your hairdresser
95. For your in laws
96. Snacks for the beach 
97. For when you're on a boat
98. Long car trip snacks
99. To celebrate National Pretzel Day!

Need more convincing?

We're so excited to share our sweet and salty confections with you on this special day, and every other day of the year!

Happy National Pretzel Day to you (and to us!).



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