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  • The Fatty Sundays Zodiac: Which Custom Sprinkle Color Are You?

    Posted on February 05 2020

    The Fatty Sundays Zodiac: Which Custom Sprinkle Color Are You?
    Welcome to round three of the Fatty Sundays Zodiac! If you've been following along with our zodiac posts, you now know which Fatty Sundays pretzel flavor you are and which chocolate type you are, based on your astrology sign. Exciting stuff! Now, we recently found out that there's an aura color for every zodiac sign, and we're all about it. You may or may not know this, but a big thing that we do here at Fatty Sundays is designing custom colored sprinkles for favors and events. We'll match th...
  • 3 Best Ways To Celebrate Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day

    Posted on September 19 2019

    3 Best Ways To Celebrate Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day
    Big news! We officially declared a holiday with the National Day Calendar to celebrate everyone's favorite sweet and salty treat: chocolate covered pretzels, of course! From now on, until the end of time, ‘National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day’ will be observed on October 7th. Fun fact: 20,000 holidays are submitted yearly, and only 30 are approved. This has definitely been a *pinch me* moment for us, as you can imagine! The day is in just three weeks, and we've got three words for you: tr...
  • 5 Fun Facts About Our Sea Salt Almond Pretzels

    Posted on July 08 2019

    5 Fun Facts About Our Sea Salt Almond Pretzels
    It's National Chocolate With Almonds Day We love that there's a day devoted to chocolate with almonds. You know we're all about the sweet + salty combo, and this is one of the best ones out there! We love when there are almonds in cakes, cookies, fro-yo, and of course, when they're in our chocolate covered pretzels!  In honor of this special day, we're here to give you 5 fun facts about our Sea Salt Almond pretzels. Dipped in 70% decadent dark chocolate and topped with roasted almonds and sea...
  • Meet Our 3 Nut-Free, Kid-Friendly Treats

    Posted on June 17 2019

    Meet Our 3 Nut-Free, Kid-Friendly Treats
    Everyone should have a little sweetness in their life, and those with a nut allergy need not miss out on our delicious gourmet pretzel treats! Whether you're shopping for a gift for someone with a nut allergy, or you need kid-friendly treats for a party you're throwing, we've got you covered. Read on for a guide to 3 of our most popular nut-free flavors! Rainbow Sprinkles Our #1 nut-free fave, this one's dipped in creamy milk chocolate and decorated with colorful sprinkles. A Fatty Sundays ...
  • Rainbow Sprinkles Flavor Feature

    Posted on May 18 2019

    Rainbow Sprinkles Flavor Feature
    Growing up, our Mom used to make us the most delicious rainbow sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels. She loved to bake, and brownies, loafs and these pretzels were her speciality. Our day to indulge in these sweet treats as a family was always on Sundays, hence the name "Fatty Sundays!" Fast forward a few years and Mom's chocolate covered pretzels, like us, have grown up a bit. We started Fatty Sundays in 2012 with just 3 simple ingredients: pretzels, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. Our goal...


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