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  • Smile, It’s National Chocolate Caramel Day!

    Posted on March 19 2019

    Smile, It’s National Chocolate Caramel Day!
    WARNING: As you read this, you will start getting sugar cravings. Because it’s National Chocolate Caramel Day today! You can find this hard-to-resist flavor combination in really any chocolate or candy store. Milton Hershey (recognize that last name?) is credited for making chocolate caramel so popular, and recipes for chocolate caramels have been around since as early as the 1880s! Here at Fatty Sundays we always knew we would have to make a caramel pretzel flavor, and just last year we lau...
  • The Perfect Gift Set For All Occasions

    Posted on March 18 2019

    The Perfect Gift Set For All Occasions
    Oh, happy (every)day! We have the perfect pretzel assortment for whenever you're in need of a gift. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, just because - this gift option works for all occasions and is not celebration-specific. Talk about easy, peasy gifting all year round! Our Happy Everything Assorted Set is a great way for your gift recipient to taste a variety of our more unique flavors (PB+J and Salted Caramel) along with our signature flavors (Sprinkles and Cookies + Cream)....
  • Chocolate Covered Matzah You Won't Want To Pass Over

    Posted on March 13 2019

    Chocolate Covered Matzah You Won't Want To Pass Over
    Each year for Passover we switch things up and expand our love for chocolate covered treats to matzah. Yes, that's right. We've turned plain matzah into a seriously delicious dessert by covering it in fine chocolate and different toppings! This year our matzah flavor roster includes our 3 all-time customer favorites yet. At our matzah shop you'll find different gift box sizes, a gorgeous, gilded gold tin, and even a matzah layered cake (but we'll get into that in more detail in a later post!...
  • Friday Flavor Feature: Cookies + Cream

    Posted on March 11 2019

    Friday Flavor Feature: Cookies + Cream
    This Friday, we are celebrating the weekend with one our favorite Fatty Sundays flavors: Cookies + Cream! Dipped in creamy white chocolate and topped with crunchy chocolate cookies, these pretzels are our sweet + salty take on the classic cookies and cream flavor. They are a true indulgence in every sense of the word, and we couldn’t imagine a flavor roster without them at this point! In case you still haven’t heard the story behind the name “Fatty Sundays,” here is a quick refresher. On Sun...
  • 3 Reasons You Need Our Pretzel Library In Your Life

    Posted on March 04 2019

    3 Reasons You Need Our Pretzel Library In Your Life
    Just in time for the new year, we launched our super exciting, uber colorful Pretzel Library gift set. We wanted to design a gift option that is as sparkly and shiny as can be, to give you the festive feels all year round. The name ‘Pretzel Library’ came from the idea of it being a book-like set, with the side of the boxes showing in a row. With the flavor names and flavor ‘tag-lines’ shown in rainbow color order, you can really taste the chocolate-covered-pretzel rainbow! While the Pretzel L...


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