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Gluten Free? Meet Your New Favorite Snack!

Gluten Free? Meet Your New Favorite Snack!

Gluten free doesn’t mean chocolate free. We aim to please every sweet tooth we can, so after many requests we created two gluten free flavors - our Gluten Free Toffee pretzels, and our Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Sprinkle pretzels. Toffee and Rainbow Sprinkles are our most popular flavor toppings, so we’ve added the same great taste to gluten free pretzels.

We’ve found that sometimes gluten free treats don’t taste quite as yummy as their non-gluten free counterparts. But take our word for it - our gluten free pretzels taste just as delicious (and just as crunchy!) as our standard chocolate covered pretzels. Even though our team at Fatty Sundays is not gluten free, we love snacking on these pretzels, too! Besides the shape and the size of the pretzels, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between the two. Learn more about each gluten free flavor here!

Gluten free toffee chocolate covered pretzels falling out of bag

Gluten Free Toffee

We all know that toffee and milk chocolate together is just so delicious. Our Toffee Pretzels are definitely the customer favorite, so we had to make their gluten free equivalent. Sink your teeth into this amazing combination of crunchy toffee and milk chocolate, sans the gluten!

Gluten free dark chocolate chocolate covered pretzels falling out of bag

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate

Our story at Fatty Sundays began with just 3 elements: pretzels, chocolate, and rainbow sprinkles. We've since modernized this original, classic flavor and developed a gluten free version! Our Gluten Free Sprinkle pretzels are dipped in decadent 70% dark chocolate and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

We hope our gluten free pretzels become your new favorite (sweet and salty!) snack. Gift them to a gluten free chocolate lover this Valentine’s Day!

Both flavors come in 3oz pouches. Like all of our products, they are certified OU-D Kosher. The gluten free pretzel rods are approximately 1/4 the size of our standard pretzel rods.

These products are made only with gluten free ingredients. Please note that the manufacturing facility is not certified gluten free.



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