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Under $5 V-Day Sweets For Everyone You Love

Under $5 V-Day Sweets For Everyone You Love

Forgot that Valentine’s Day is coming this week? Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us. And there’s even still time to order your chocolate covered pretzels! Play cupid on Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day) and stock up for everyone you love in your life - your SO, family, friends, boss, employees, dog walker, trainer, doorman…you name it.

Our individual flavor boxes are the perfect little sweet treat to gift away. And the best part? They’re all under $5! Here we’ve compiled our top 4 flavor suggestions for the holiday. Everyone will love the festive V-Day colors on the boxes and the delicious flavors!

Three chocolate pretzels with red, pink and white sprinkles inside a kraft box

Valentine’s Day Sprinkles

Our #1 best-selling flavor for the holiday, these pretzels are covered in milk chocolate and decorated with festive red, pink and white sprinkles. They’re the quintessential little V-Day treat to hand out!

Three cinnamon sugar chocolate pretzels inside a kraft and pale pink box

Cinnamon Sugar

Hey, sugar! Inside this pretty, pale pink box you’ll find pretzels dipped in milk chocolate and covered in dusty brown cinnamon and shimmery sugar. wonder this flavor is becoming so popular.

Three peppermint chocolate pretzels inside a kraft and red box


Who said Peppermint is only for the Christmas season? With swirly red and white peppermint candy dusted over rich dark chocolate, inside a bright red box, these pretzels are just as festive for Valentine’s Day (or really any day of the year!).

Three chocolate pb+j pretzels inside a kraft and purple box


An original Fatty Sundays flavor, PB+J is made with creamy milk chocolate and crunchy roasted peanuts, with a hint of raspberry. We love the magenta purple color of this box - it so reminds us of the PB+J sandwiches we grew up eating!

Buy 6 boxes for only $4.95 in shipping, or buy 22 boxes for free, complimentary shipping! Have fun this Valentine’s Day and pass these around at home, at your apartment building, or at your office and give ‘em the best surprise of their day!



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