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Gifting Made Easy With Our Best Sellers Shop!

Gifting Made Easy With Our Best Sellers Shop!

We’re proud to say that our flavor list currently includes 11 different, unique flavors! We’ve come a long way over the years, testing out new flavor combinations to perfect each one. Yet some of the very first flavors we’ve come up with, such as Rainbow Sprinkles (the original!) and Toffee, remain to be our most popular ones to this day!

If you’re new to Fatty Sundays, it may seem hard to choose which flavors to give a try. We created our Best Sellers shop to make it easy for you to pick! The treats you’ll find here are sure to please, whether you’re treating yourself or sending a gift to someone. Today we are highlighting our top 4 best selling flavors: Rainbow Sprinkles, Toffee, Birthday Cake and Sea Salt Almond, in the different packaging they come in.

Gift set of twelve chocolate covered pretzels with assorted flavors

Best Sellers Assorted Set, $14.95

This is hands down our most popular gift option. You really cannot go wrong with this collection of only the most popular pretzels. The 4 boxes of pretzels are held together in a gift-able crystal clear box and finished off with a decorative white ribbon. And at a reasonable price point, this set works as a birthday gift, holiday present, or for really any sort of occasion.

Gift box of twenty chocolate covered pretzels with assorted flavors

Best Sellers Gift Box, $29.95

This gift box includes the same 4 ‘best of’ Fatty Sundays flavors, but here they come packaged inside a beautiful kraft gift box, finished with a red Fatty Sundays sleeve. Inside you’ll find 5 pretzels of each flavor, each flavor wrapped in their own pouch, for a total of 20 pretzels. This is perfect to send in the mail to someone truly special.

Boxes of chocolate covered pretzels with assorted flavors

By Flavor, $3.49

Our individual boxes of 3 pretzels are always popular, and we love to see customers stock up on 10, 20 or 30 of these boxes. This is a great option for stocking stuffers, office snacks, or to hand out at as party or event favors. Stock up on the best selling flavors, and you can’t go wrong. and Each box is uniquely designed in a way that represents that flavor: each with a different flavor font, color, and even their own tag line on the side of the box!

We can't wait for you to enjoy our chocolate covered pretzels. If you have any questions or need any pretzel-choosing advice, don't hesitate to reach out at We'd so love to help!



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