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  • Breakfast of Pretzels - Introducing Our Cereal Pretzels

    Posted on September 16 2018

    Breakfast of Pretzels -  Introducing Our Cereal Pretzels
    Wake up, everyone! This September we are so, so excited to announce our brand new, limited edition Fatty Sundays Cereal Boxes. Take a stroll down memory lane and relive your favorite childhood memories - eating big bowls of crunchy, sweet cereal for breakfast. Kick back and indulge on a fatty Sunday (or any day of the week)... we won’t tell! Grab your favorite cereal bowl and read up to learn all about our new cereal chocolate covered pretzels. Cereal Pretzel Flavors Crispy PretzelDipped in ...
  • Celebrate National Pretzel Day With Yours Truly!

    Posted on April 27 2018

    Celebrate National Pretzel Day With Yours Truly!
    Today is a day that we hold dear to our hearts. It is one of the most important holidays that we celebrate here at the Fatty Sundays headquarters!.April 26th marks National Pretzel Day, a day for pretzel-lovers like ourselves to indulge in their favorite treat. We obviously celebrated by snacking on our chocolate covered pretzels, and with all of our excitement, they tasted just a tiny bit sweeter today!  You're probably wondering, how did National Pretzel Day even become an holiday? In th...
  • The History of Pretzels

    Posted on March 02 2017

    The History of Pretzels
    At Fatty Sundays, we've literally fallen in love with pretzels – chocolate dipped ones, to be exact. Over 7 years ago, our founders, Lauren & Ali, were so obsessed of making these sweet and salty treats that they simply could not keep the family secret to themselves any longer. And while we're pleased to be pumping out delicious gourmet chocolate covered pretzels in over 15 flavors, the original twisty, crunchy creations have been around for quite some time. So long, in fact, that we thou...
  • A Brief History of Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Posted on February 15 2017

    A Brief History of Chocolate Covered Pretzels
    From Soft Pretzel Twists to Hard Pretzel Rods The pretzel has a very long, and somewhat mysterious, history. Since pretzels are the base (literally) of Fatty Sundays, we wanted to share their story with you. Bonus: we've also included the history of chocolate covered pretzels. The exact origin of the pretzel remains unknown, however we do know that The Catholic Church played a very important role in the pretzel’s early history. It was a great, easy food to eat during Lent, when meat, dair...
  • 5 Quick And Easy Toffee Bites Snack Ideas

    Posted on February 13 2017

    5 Quick And Easy Toffee Bites Snack Ideas
    Bite Size Heaven If you love chewy, sweet, crunchy, and caramel-y treats, then you’ll love our bite-sized Toffee chocolate covered pretzels. Each pretzel piece is completely covered in delicious milk chocolate and coated in mouth-watering toffee. These bites are the perfect treat for sharing (or not sharing and keeping them all for yourself!) Here’s a quick list of a few different snack ideas incorporating our Toffee bites: Mix some bites into your favorite trail mix! They’ll make for that ...


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