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Chocolate Covered Matzah You Won't Want To Pass Over

Chocolate Covered Matzah You Won't Want To Pass Over

Each year for Passover we switch things up and expand our love for chocolate covered treats to matzah. Yes, that's right. We've turned plain matzah into a seriously delicious dessert by covering it in fine chocolate and different toppings!

This year our matzah flavor roster includes our 3 all-time customer favorites yet. At our matzah shop you'll find different gift box sizes, a gorgeous, gilded gold tin, and even a matzah layered cake (but we'll get into that in more detail in a later post!). Reach on to learn more about each matzah flavor we have available this season. Trust us, you won’t want to pass over our gourmet chocolate covered matzah this year.


Dipped in creamy milk chocolate and smothered with toffee crumbles, this favorite is sure to please any sweet tooth. An original Fatty Sundays matzah flavor, this is definitely the matzah #1 best seller. Our tip: dunk your Toffee matzah into a nut spread, like peanut butter or hazelnut, and why not enjoy it for breakfast with your morning coffee? You won't want to wait until your Seder dinner to delve into these treats.


Dark chocolate covered and sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt, it’s like a dessert ocean for your taste buds. This not-too-sweet flavor is for the sophisticate. Our tip: layer two Sea Salt matzah pieces between a scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a matzah ice cream sandwich! The sweet and smooth ice cream works so well with the crunchy, dark chocolate covered matzah.


A classic - creamy milk chocolate and rainbow sprinkles matzah - that never, ever fails. Adults and kids alike will enjoy this treat at your Seder table. Our tip: spread marshmallow fluff or jam on your Sprinkles matzah...mmm. We also have a gluten free version of our Sprinkles matzah available! With the same satisfyingly sweet crunch as our original Sprinkles matzah, you'd never know this version is gluten free. 

Golden tin filled with chocolate covered matzah covered in rainbow sprinkles and toffee bits

We have different box sizes available and are here to help you choose the perfect one for your Seder gathering. If you're sending your matzah as a gift to someone special far away, we recommend our Best Sellers Matzah Gift Tin, which includes our 2 most popular flavors - festive Sprinkles and sweet-salty Toffee - in a gorgeous, gilded tin. 

Thank your host for having you and bring some of our chocolate covered matzah treats to the Seder dinner. You'll definitely get an invite back next year! 



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