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The Fatty Sundays Zodiac: Which Pretzel Flavor Are You?

The Fatty Sundays Zodiac: Which Pretzel Flavor Are You?

What’s your astrology sign? Whether you’re imaginative Cancer or sophisticated Sagittarius, there’s a lot for you to learn (and have fun with) when it comes to your zodiac sign.

We may not know what the stars have in store for you this week, but we do know what pretzel flavor you are! Read on to learn more about your sign’s personality traits and find out what your spirit pretzel flavor is!

Chocolate covered pretzel favors paired with astrology signs


You’re a fire sign with an enthusiastic and optimistic spirit, like our fun-flavored Rainbow Sprinkles pretzels. Sprinkles make everything better, just like you do!


Reliable and practical like the ground beneath our feet, you’re an Earth sign and a classic flavor that never disappoints: our Toffee pretzels. You make every day sweet.


You’re an air sign, gentle and adaptable to the breeze, like our Peanut Butter flavor. Just like the Gemini twins, you have two sides to you. Which one are you today: smooth or crunchy?


You’re imaginative and persuasive, just like our most exciting flavor, Birthday Cake! A water sign, you have an alluring personality, just like our super sweet, super addicting Birthday Cake pretzels. Any day is worth celebrating in your eyes.


Hey, sugar. You’re a warm-hearted and cheerful soul, the epitome of the fire sign, just like our sweet (and spicy!) Cinnamon Sugar pretzels. They've got a kick to them, just like you do.


You’re a loyal and kind Earth sign, and you match best with our classic, original Cookies+Cream flavor. Dunk, eat, repeat...but you never forget to clean up the mess afterwards.


You’re a gracious and social air sign, just like our cheerful, breezy, go with the wind Coconut pretzels. You love vacationing and are always craving a taste of paradise.


A fire sign, you’re brave and passionate. You’re the foundation of Fatty Sundays and can stand on your own, just like our plain pretzels! You may be a little salty sometimes, too.


You may be a fire sign, but you’re also generous and sophisticated, like our classy Sea Salt Almond pretzels. Everyone’s nuts about you.


An Earth sign, you’re responsible and disciplined. Born either right before or right after the holidays, you’re our Peppermint pretzel! Tis the season to be a Capricorn.


A water sign, you’re original and staunchly independent, like a sophisticated  Salted Caramel pretzel. Stay classy is your motto.


You’re a water sign, and you’re a compassionate and artistic soul. You’re our PB+J flavor, and you always have the best snack in your lunchbox.

Which one are you? Shop your zodiac pretzel and more sweets on our site! And happy birthday to all the Taurus signs out there!



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