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3 Reasons You Need Our Pretzel Library In Your Life

3 Reasons You Need Our Pretzel Library In Your Life

Just in time for the new year, we launched our super exciting, uber colorful Pretzel Library gift set. We wanted to design a gift option that is as sparkly and shiny as can be, to give you the festive feels all year round. The name ‘Pretzel Library’ came from the idea of it being a book-like set, with the side of the boxes showing in a row. With the flavor names and flavor ‘tag-lines’ shown in rainbow color order, you can really taste the chocolate-covered-pretzel rainbow!

While the Pretzel Library is certainly the perfect holiday gift option, with its silver glow, why wait until then? Here are three reasons you need this gift set STAT!

Chocolate covered pretzel library gift set

#1 Treat Yourself

The number one, most important motto when it comes to enjoying food, especially dessert. Don’t ever forget to reward yourself for all your hard work during the week. And why not then with this assortment of delicious chocolate covered pretzel flavors? Because you deserve pretty gourmet sweet treats, too. Order your Pretzel Library in time for your fatty Sunday cheat day!

#2 She Sparkles...A Lot

We designed this gift set with maximum sparkle in mind. Wrapped in a glittery foil stamped silver and white box, it makes for the perfect holiday gift, birthday present, or really any special occasion or ‘treat yourself’ day. It screams “Happy New Year!” “Merry Christmas!” “Happy Birthday!”...we could go on here.

#3 The Full Flavor Spectrum

This set includes the majority of our pretzel flavors, for a total of eight out of our current eleven flavors. You really get a taste of Fatty Sundays in just one box! Each individual flavor box has a unique color and font that represents that flavor, and we put these boxes in a rainbow color order to make our Pretzel Library set. And did you know each flavor has its own ‘tagline,’ displayed on the sides of the boxes? Get a sneak peak of this gift set with the tag-lines for each flavor included!

Birthday Cake | any day is worth celebrating
Cinnamon Sugar | hey sugar
Coconut | taste a bite of paradise
Peppermint | tis the season to be...
Salted Caramel | stay classy
Sea Salt Almond | we're nuts about you
Sprinkles | sprinkles make everything better
Toffee | make today sweet

Under $50, this is the gift for all occasions. We can’t wait for you to get yours! Tag us @fattysundays and use hashtag #fattysundays with your Pretzel Library in hand.



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