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Top 5 Reasons To Get A DIY Chocolate Covered Pretzel Kit
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Top 5 Reasons To Get A DIY Chocolate Covered Pretzel Kit

Chocolate covered pretzel making has always been a favorite activity for our family. We started Fatty Sundays in our Mom’s kitchen, and here we are making pretzels at home again. And we want you to join us. We created our DIY chocolate covered pretzel kit as a fun, no frills activity for your family to enjoy, safely at home.

With our DIY kit, you can make your own delicious Rainbow Sprinkles and Toffee chocolate covered pretzels. The kit has everything you'll need, minus a few basic kitchen items you most likely already have at home. Trust us, it's easy and fun to melt, dip, twirl and decorate pretzels, Fatty Sundays style. There's no wrong way to do it, either!

Here are our top 5 reasons to get a DIY kit, for yourself, your family, your whole office team...we could go on and on!

Chocolate covered pretzel DIY Kit

Fix That WFH Burnout

We know, it's hard transitioning from office life to work from home life, clad in your PJs, Snuggie, or whatever it is you've been wearing every day for the past few months. Sometimes it's hard to focus, or maybe you just feel burnt out from it all. Take a break and sprinkle some fun into your workday with our DIY kits!
If you're a human resources or office manager, take note, this is a great activity for the whole team to enjoy. We’ll make it easy on you and ship the kits directly to everyone’s home. Host a Zoom so the whole office crew has fun dipping pretzels together! If you want us to join in for part of it, we’ll do a dipping demo on Zoom and show everyone how to make perfect chocolate covered pretzels.

Celebrate A Quarantine Birthday

Birthdays may not have gone as planned for anyone with a quarantine birthday, but they can still have fun at home! Celebrate them with this fun activity, plus, everyone in the house will enjoy it. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness, and it's a great gift for that person who says "I don't need more stuff." Ship some kits to friends and family, and surprise the birthday boy/girl with a Zoom pretzel party of all their loved ones.

Kids and Adults Love It

We weren't joking when we said everyone will love the kits. Get this as a gift for adults who love to DIY it, or for foodies with a sweet tooth. And any kiddo will have fun getting the kitchen messy with chocolate and sprinkles galore. Just make sure they help clean it all up afterwards!

Unleash Your Inner Artist

For that extra special touch, we include blank boxes with the kit, for you to keep your finished pretzels in. Plus, you and your kiddos can decorate the boxes with stickers, colored pens, pom poms, any craft supplies you have on hand and love to use. Get your creative juices flowing and just have fun being an artist for a day.

Any Occasion, You Name It

There's really no limit to what you can celebrate with our DIY kits. Pride month and Father's Day are right around the corner, why not celebrate with a DIY activity at home?

We can't wait to sweeten up your time at home. Send us photos of your DIY Kit experience, and we'll feature you on our Instagram! 



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