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Meet Our 3 Nut-Free, Kid-Friendly Treats
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Meet Our 3 Nut-Free, Kid-Friendly Treats

Everyone should have a little sweetness in their life, and those with a nut allergy need not miss out on our delicious gourmet pretzel treats! Whether you're shopping for a gift for someone with a nut allergy, or you need kid-friendly treats for a party you're throwing, we've got you covered.

Read on for a guide to 3 of our most popular nut-free flavors!

Rainbow Sprinkles

Kraft and brown box with rainbow sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels

Our #1 nut-free fave, this one's dipped in creamy milk chocolate and decorated with colorful sprinkles. A Fatty Sundays original, this tried and true flavor is a winner every. single. time, especially with kiddos.

Birthday Cake

Kraft and blue box with birthday cake flavored chocolate covered pretzels

It's birthday-cake-flavored-everything on the Internet, and it's the tastiest trend ever. These pretzels are drenched in white chocolate and coated with vanilla cookies and rainbow sprinkles. Irresistibly sweet, they taste just like a birthday cake fresh out of the oven.

Cookies + Cream

Kraft and gray box with cookies and cream flavored chocolate covered pretzels

We dipped these pretzels in white chocolate and topped 'em with chocolate cookies. Grab a cold glass of milk and pair it with these pretzels for a classic flavor combo. Dunk, eat, repeat's the motto.

Bring our nut-free treats to your kiddo's camp Visiting Day, your summer pool party or your July 4th BBQ. Don't leave your nut-free friends or kids out of all the pretzel fun this summer!

*Our Sprinkles, Birthday Cake and Cookies + Cream pretzels do not contain nuts but are manufactured in a facility that processes nuts.  



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