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Rainbow Sprinkles Flavor Feature
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Rainbow Sprinkles Flavor Feature

Growing up, our Mom used to make us the most delicious rainbow sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels. She loved to bake, and brownies, loafs and these pretzels were her speciality. Our day to indulge in these sweet treats as a family was always on Sundays, hence the name "Fatty Sundays!"

Fast forward a few years and Mom's chocolate covered pretzels, like us, have grown up a bit. We started Fatty Sundays in 2012 with just 3 simple ingredients: pretzels, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. Our goal was to reinvent and modernize everyone's favorite sweet and salty treat. We started with original, classic flavors like Sprinkles, and after lots of taste testing, we came out with more unique flavors like PB+J and Coconut. We truly have a pretzel flavor for every palate out there!

Rainbow sprinkles milk chocolate covered pretzels in a brown box with a brown background

One of our favorite mottos is simple: Sprinkles make everything better. Literally, everything. Rainbow Sprinkles was naturally the first flavor on our roster. Made with creamy milk chocolate and festive, colorful sprinkles, it has remained a best seller to this day, and it's not going anywhere.

Spoon University recently wrote an article ranking some of our flavors, and Rainbow Sprinkles was #1 on their list! Spoon U is a food publication for our generation featuring recipes, restaurant reviews and personal stories. We've done a few pretzel dipping demos for them, and we love their mission and their staff! Check out their pretzel flavor rankings post here.

If you're new to Fatty Sundays, you've got to give our Sprinkles flavor a try. Happy snacking!



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