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Pretzel Favors For All Your Company Summer Events!

Posted on May 15 2019

Are you an HR manager at your company? As we approach summer, there are so many exciting events your company may run or be a part of. Whether you're hosting a conference or a golf outing, these summer events are a great way to bring the office staff together in a new, fun way, and to develop professional client relationships.

At these events, remember you'll need food, too! Treat your employees and clients to custom branded pretzel favors for that extra special touch.

Here are some event ideas your company may want to do this summer!

Seminars and Conferences

Do you hold summer seminars or conferences at your company? Treat attendees to delicious pretzel favors with your company logo and event info on the boxes! Hide them under their seats for an extra sweet surprise. Our pretzel boxes are small, compact, and leave little mess behind.

Trade Shows

Summer is a popular season for trade shows, and handing out custom favors is an impressive way to advertise and promote your business! It'll show prospective clients that you really put in the time and thought into your marketing strategy. Be known as the booth with delicious, gourmet sweet treats. Plus, they'll remember your business long after the trade show ends, when they get home and indulge in their branded pretzels! 

Company Meetings

No matter what type of meetings you're holding this summer, you'll want to keep people engaged with food! Treat them to delicious chocolate covered pretzels. You may want to save these custom favors for more important, special meetings, like a board meeting or a new product launch meeting.

Company Picnics

Employee and client appreciation events are so important, and summer is a great time of year to hold them since you have outdoor options. One popular idea is a company picnic where you can do a potluck, but remember to leave the sweet treat for your pretzel favors!

Team Building Outings

Team-building events are a great way to boost employee confidence and morale, and in the summer you can do fun outdoor activities like volleyball on the beach, rooftop trivia, or other collaborative and competitive activities. Reward and thank your employees for all their hard work with custom made pretzel favors that perfectly match your event or company's brand!

Summer Golf Retreats

Golf events are a favorite of many companies, as they're a great way to build relationships with employees and clients in a more relaxed environment. Seal the deal in a pristine, beautiful green landscape this summer! You'll be out all day long, so you'll want to keep snacks in your golf cart. Impress prospective clients with branded pretzel favors!

Company Summer Parties

Show your employees or clients how much you appreciate them with a summer party, or celebrate a company milestone or product launch with food and drinks. This is all about them, so treat them to delicious pretzel favors in celebration. 

Summer is a time of high spirits and positive energy, as everyone is excited by the warm weather. Take advantage of it and bring your employees and clients outside of the office or that conference room!

At your summer party or any other event you may have, treat your employees and clients to delicious chocolate covered pretzels. You can design the boxes to perfectly match your company branding or event. We only have a 25 box minimum and 2-week lead time! Start thinking now for all your company summer events and festivities!



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