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Fun In The Sun: Pretzel Flavor Suggestions For Your Summer Travels
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Fun In The Sun: Pretzel Flavor Suggestions For Your Summer Travels

Summer's nearly here, and there's no better time of the year to travel the world. Whether you already have trips planned or not quite yet, we're here with pretzel flavor suggestions for all your summer travels! Read on to get inspired.


Chocolate covered pretzels with milk chocolate and toffee topping on a yellow background

One of our very first flavors, Toffee is still the #1 best seller to this day. With its warm color tones and delicious, nutty flavor, take it with you to any scenic warm weather destinations, like Marrakesh, Mexico City or Las Vegas!  

Cinnamon Sugar

Chocolate covered pretzels with milk chocolate and cinnamon sugar topping on a pink background

A newer flavor to our list, Cinnamon Sugar is quickly rising to the top. With creamy milk chocolate and cinnamon and sugar toppings, it's naturally a favorite and works so well on the pretzel rods. Bring this chic new flavor with you to any urban city locations, like Tokyo, Los Angeles or NYC. 


Chocolate covered pretzels with milk chocolate and coconut topping on a palm tree leaf background

Taste a bite of paradise with our tropical Coconut pretzels. With toasted, flaky coconut, this flavor is calling you to tropical places like Miami, Hawaii or Tulum. It's the best snack to enjoy by the pool, and guess what? Chocolate always tastes better when it's a little melty!

Sea Salt Almond

Chocolate covered pretzels with dark chocolate and sea salt almond topping on an orange background

It's hard not to go nuts over our Sea Salt Almond pretzels. Take this flavor to an urban city like NYC, a warm city like Marrakesh, or on a yoga retreat to Tulum. This flavor is universally loved!

Create Your Own Assorted Set

Chocolate covered gift set with toffee, sea salt almond, cinnamon sugar and coconut flavored pretzels

Include all of these flavors in a gift set, for anywhere your travels may take you this summer! This set will fit perfectly in your suitcase, but you can always take the boxes out of the clear box and bring the individual flavors on different trips.

Are you travelling to any of the destinations on our list? Or, are you feeling inspired now? Get your travel books ready and start planning now.

Happy (almost) summer, everyone!



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