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The Fatty Sundays Zodiac: Which Chocolate Type Are You?

Posted on May 13 2019

If you've read our first-ever zodiac blog post from a few weeks ago, you now know what Fatty Sundays pretzel flavor you are (sorry, Scorpios!).

In today's blog post, we're here to tell you what chocolate type you are! Everything we do at Fatty Sundays is chocolate covered pretzel related, and you can't have the pretzel without the chocolate! Find out if you are creamy milk, rich dark or sweet white chocolate based on your astrology sign.

Milk chocolate astrology signs

You're popular and everyone wants to be your friend. You're the perfect balance of sweet and smooth. You're creamy, delicious, best-selling milk chocolate!

Your must-try Fatty Sundays flavor is: Cinnamon Sugar! Give a little bit of spice to your life. You need it this time of year!

Dark chocolate astrology signs

You are a sophisticate, with a little bit of an edge to you. You may not be as popular, but you do have a handful of very close friends (and fans!) who will root for you and stay by your side for life. You're decadent, rich dark chocolate!

Your must-try Fatty Sundays flavor is: Salted Caramel! Stay classy, like you always do.

White chocolate astrology signs

You are as sweet as can be. You may be a bit intense at times, but those who love you can't get enough of you. You are sweet, addictive white chocolate!

Your must-try Fatty Sundays flavor is: Birthday Cake! Every day is worth celebrating in your eyes.

So, which chocolate type are you? Shop your must-try flavor on our site!

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