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Inside Our Team: Meet The Moms Of Fatty Sundays!
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Inside Our Team: Meet The Moms Of Fatty Sundays!

We are a proud (and certified!) women-owned business, with a hardworking team of strong women. Our team is dedicated both in our office/kitchen, and in their own lives as moms, sisters, aunties, daughters, and so much more.

To celebrate Mother's Day today, the amazing moms of our Fatty Sundays family are making a guest appearance on the blog! They're here to tell us a little bit about their sweet kiddos, what it's like to be a mom, and more. Keep reading to hear from the moms behind Fatty Sundays!

Dominique, Production Team Manager

Her daughter is: Layla, and she is 4 years old.
Her ideal Sunday is: Sleeping! All day!
Her favorite thing about being a mom is: Getting to relive her childhood, through and with her daughter!

Gigi, Production Team Member

Her son is: Malachi, and he is 6 years old.
Her ideal Sunday is: Resting and relaxing before the week starts.
Her favorite thing about being a mom is: Her son can always tell when she needs to be cheered up, and always can make her smile and happy.

Tashy, Production Team Member

Her daughter is: Khloe, and she is 6.
Her ideal Sunday: Sleeping and relaxing.
Her favorite thing about being a mom is: Doing fun activities with her daughter and being able to impact her childhood to make it better than her own.

We have an incredible team here at Fatty Sundays, and we really wouldn't be where we are today without them. We are so lucky and grateful for our team!

A special shoutout to our Mom, the OG chocolate covered pretzel maker! Our Mom Karen, and her sprinkles chocolate covered pretzel recipe, is the inspiration behind starting this pretzel company. She has been there for us from day one, as our biggest supporter and helper.

Our Mom was in the kitchen all of the time in the early days with us and still helps us out to this day whenever we need an extra hand. She has been there to celebrate the wins with us and to navigate through the tough moments. She’s given us the confidence to keep going for as long as we can remember! Our Mom talked a little bit about motherhood on our Instagram - hear some inspiring words from her by watching this special video!

To all the moms, grandmas, aunties, sisters, and all the women and mamas out there seeing this, we wish you a very special and happy Mother's Day surrounded by everyone you love. We support you ALL!
xo, Ali and Lauren



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