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  • A Walk Down Memory Lane: Sleepaway Camp!

    Posted on October 25 2017

    A Walk Down Memory Lane: Sleepaway Camp!
    Fatty Sundays Treats for Your Little Campers It’s summertime, and that means sleep away camp for many kids! Co-founders Ali and Lauren loved going to summer camp growing up. We were feeling nostalgic about it, so we went through storage boxes and dug up some of our old camp stuff. We still remember all the yummy goodies we brought to camp. Our parents made sure to stock us up well with snacks before we left for the summer. Going to camp prepared with treats was awesome, not to mention our fri...
  • A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Fatty Sundays

    Posted on September 01 2017

    A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Fatty Sundays
    The Fatty Sundays story began by combining just 3 simple ingredients - salted pretzel rods, melted chocolate, and rainbow sprinkles (hint, hint: our Sprinkles pretzels). These were the chocolate covered pretzels treats our Mom used to make. Fast forward 5+ years and we’ve expanded our pretzel dipping repertoire way beyond just milk chocolate and sprinkles. We’ve gone tropical with flaky toasted coconut topping, freshened up with dark chocolate and peppermint, and made our pretzels a little mo...
  • Happy Father’s Day!

    Posted on June 18 2017

    Happy Father’s Day!
    Dads are the best. They teach you cool (and sometimes random) things, equip you with important life skills, and are always willing to buy you ice cream. This Father’s Day, show Dad you care with our chocolate covered pretzels! You really can’t go wrong with food gifts for Dad. Maybe in return he’ll give you the remote for once, or build your shelves for you! A special shout-out to co-founders Ali and Lauren’s dad, Jeff, the life of the party in the Fatty Sundays family. He loves helping out ...
  • Happy Birthday to Us!

    Posted on June 01 2017

    Happy Birthday to Us!
    This Month, We’re 5 Years Young This June marks Fatty Sunday’s 5th birthday, and we are so excited! We cannot believe it’s been this long, and at the same time we can’t believe it’s only been 5 years. The Fatty Sundays team celebrated the milestone with funfetti cake topped with Fatty Sundays Birthday Cake pretzels. How else do you celebrate a big birthday?! Here’s a little backstory for you: growing up, co-founders Ali and Lauren loved munching on Mom’s speciality chocolate covered sprinkle...
  • Post-Graduation Problems

    Posted on May 11 2017

    Post-Graduation Problems
    You’re fresh out of college, starting a new entry-level job, and trying to figure out how to afford that New York apartment. Post-grad life is tough. And you can find yourself falling into a routine: work, eat, sleep. We think it’s important to have a side project you can work on to break up that routine. Projects are fun, rewarding, challenging, and allow your creative side to shine! Start a blog. It’s easier said than done, but writing down what you’re passionate about is the first step....


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