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A+ College Care Package Tips From Our Mom Karen, The 'Care Package Queen'
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A+ College Care Package Tips From Our Mom Karen, The 'Care Package Queen'

If you've been following along with our pretzel journey, you know by now how huge of an inspiration our mom, Karen, was for Fatty Sundays. Growing up we loved snacking on her famous sprinkles chocolate covered pretzels, and by 2012 we couldn't keep her confections to ourselves any longer! It was time to share her pretzel treats with the world (we gave them a modern makeover first, though!). We started wondering, why aren't there any fun flavored chocolate covered pretzels out there? So we first came up with flavors like Toffee, Cookies+Cream, Birthday Cake and, of course, Rainbow Sprinkles. Now we have an 8+ flavor list! Our mom, the head baker in our house, even helped us in the kitchen when we first started. 

Before all of this with Fatty Sundays happened, we went off to college and our mom's support never failed. She loved sending us care packages and became known as the 'Care Package Queen'. We're so beyond thankful for her, and we wanted to share some of her A+ college care package tips with you! Here are 3 reasons why we loved her care packages the most.

1. Filled With Sweet Treats

Our mom never disappointed. When we received a care package, we knew it was time to indulge. Our roommates and the people on our floor would get so excited when they heard the news that we got a care package from her. There were usually enough goodies to go around! Some of her favorite things to include were chocolate covered pretzels (duh!), homemade brownies, rugelach, holiday socks and pretty notebooks and other school supplies. We totally got our sweet tooth from her! 

2. Decorated Beautifully

These weren't just treats and goodies thrown in a box. We could tell our mom put time and effort into putting everything together and wrapping it nicely for us. And now at Fatty Sundays we are packaging-obsessed and love putting the finishing touches on every package and gift we send out. We like to think we got this from our mom!

3. Handwritten Notecard

There was never a package of treats sent without a thoughtful, handwritten card included. This is something that became super important for us with Fatty Sundays. We make sure to handwrite each notecard we send out, with every single order. Isn't it the worst when you open a package and the gift message either went missing, or it's in teeny tiny font printed on the packing slip? We love including handwritten notes with our gifts, as it gives them that extra special, sweet touch.

Our mom's pro-tip? Send the care package totally unexpectedly. Don't just wait for the holidays to roll around, but send it out any time of year, for no reason at all, and your kiddos will be so happy! Because nothing is more exciting than getting a surprise package in the mail. 



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