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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Sleepaway Camp!
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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Sleepaway Camp!

Summer Treats for Your Little Campers

It’s summer, and that means time for sleep away camp for many kids! Co-founders Ali and Lauren loved going to summer camp. We were feeling nostalgic about it, so we went through storage boxes and dug up some of our old camp stuff. We still remember all the yummy goodies we brought to camp! Our parents made sure to stock us up with snacks before we left for the summer. Going to camp prepared with treats was awesome, not to mention our friends and counselors loved our stash, too!

Parents: your little campers need delicious treats while they're at camp. Skittles, Reese’s, Fatty Sundays, Oh My!

Our camp shop is now up on our site! Find the perfect treats for your kiddos to enjoy on their camp bus rides, with their bunk friends, or to share with their favorite counselors. Grab our kid-friendly flavors Sprinkles and Birthday Cake, or maybe our gluten free pretzels.

There are so many great things about sleep away camp, and we would recommend it to anyone! Here are our top 3 reasons you should send your kids to camp.

3 Things We Loved About Camp as Kids (parents: you’ll love these, too!):

You got to experience new things without your parents around. Imagine that feeling of getting off the bus and your mom and dad aren’t there (for once!). Kids can take risks, go on adventures with camp friends, all without their parents in their hair.

It was a great way to enjoy the outdoors and socialize. When you’re a kid, it’s easy to get caught up watching your favorite TV show instead of going outside to play. At camp, kids talk to one another and stay away from the screen!

You made new friends. When kids leave their school friends for the summer, they get to meet kids from other towns. These friendships can last long after they leave camp, even into adulthood!

Your kids will send you the sweetest letters from camp, and don’t worry, you’ll get to see them on Visiting Day! Grab our Visiting Day Gift Box, the largest assortment of our best selling pretzels, and be the MVP (Most Valuable Parent) on Visiting Day!



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