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The Fatty Sundays Zodiac: Which Custom Sprinkle Color Are You?
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The Fatty Sundays Zodiac: Which Custom Sprinkle Color Are You?

Welcome to round three of the Fatty Sundays Zodiac! If you've been following along with our zodiac posts, you now know which Fatty Sundays pretzel flavor you are and which chocolate type you are, based on your astrology sign. Exciting stuff!

Now, we recently found out that there's an aura color for every zodiac sign, and we're all about it. You may or may not know this, but a big thing that we do here at Fatty Sundays is designing custom colored sprinkles for favors and events. We'll match the sprinkle colors to your party's decor, florals, streamers, balloons, you name it! We can custom dye our sprinkles to almost any color in the rainbow. We love this aspect of what we do here in our kitchen!

Onto the fun part now. We're here to tell you which custom sprinkle color you are, based on your astrological aura color! Read on to find out your color sign.

Custom colored sprinkle pretzels paired with astrological signs

Aries: Red

Since you're a fire sign, it makes sense that you would be a bright red. This color represents passion and intensity, both of which are strong traits of an Aries sign!

Taurus: Green

You're as stubborn and rooted as a tree. So naturally, your color is forest green. The color of Earth and nature, you have a, quite literally, down-to-earth attitude.

Gemini: Yellow

A bright and enthusiastic spirit, you are the color of happiness: yellow! This color is all about positive energy and optimism, just like you.

Cancer: Pink

You are a soft, loving soul, so of course your color is pink. You're inviting and affectionate to everyone you meet.

Leo: Red-Orange

A reddish-orange color is bold and strong, just like a Leo sign. Your spirit animal is even a lion. You're confident and you have a good sense of self worth.

Virgo: Blue

The color of the sky and of the sea, blue represents intelligence, confidence and truth. These are all characteristics of the honest Virgo.

Libra: Blue-Green

The symbol of the scales, Libras are balanced and tactful in all situations. Your color is blue-green, the essence of cool, calm and collected.

Scorpio: Dark Purple-Gray

An intense color, deep purple represents emotion and intuition. Talk about mysterious and secretive Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Orange

Sagittarius shows itself as an orange aura, which is a confident, creative and unique color. You have a healthy hunger for life, like a tiger.

Capricorn: Red

Deep red is a strong, ambitious and powerful color, and a Capricorn is all of these and more. You are a survivor and as strong as the thorns of a red rose.

Aquarius: Bright Green

Bright green is inviting and perceptive. It's go-with-the-flow like leaves swaying in the breeze. You evoke the most healing color of all.

Pisces: Light Purple

This color represents spirituality and imagination, traits of your sign. Pisces are naturally artistic daydreamers and express themselves as a magical violet color.

So, which sprinkle color are you? Shop yours on the Custom page on our site!



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