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5 Fun Facts About Our Sea Salt Almond Pretzels
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5 Fun Facts About Our Sea Salt Almond Pretzels

It's National Chocolate With Almonds Day

We love that there's a day devoted to chocolate with almonds. You know we're all about the sweet + salty combo, and this is one of the best ones out there! We love when there are almonds in cakes, cookies, fro-yo, and of course, when they're in our chocolate covered pretzels! 

In honor of this special day, we're here to give you 5 fun facts about our Sea Salt Almond pretzels. Dipped in 70% decadent dark chocolate and topped with roasted almonds and sea salt, we're totally nuts about this flavor. It's quickly risen to our selective best seller list, because who doesn't love chocolate with almonds?

Sea salt almond chocolate covered pretzels flavor breakdown

5 Fun Facts About Our Sea Salt Almond Pretzels

1. Favorite Flavor Of: 'Proud Dad' Jeff. 

Our Sea Salt Almond pretzels are super popular with dads, especially our dad, Jeff! It's not too sweet and makes for the perfect Father's Day gift!

2. Pairs Well With: Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Our recommendation: use our pretzel rods as a spoon in a cup of fro-yo or ice cream! Or, chop 'em up into pieces and eat them as a topping. Either way, definitely pair our Sea Salt Almond pretzels with vanilla ice cream for the perfect ratio of sweet + salty goodness.

Sea salt almond chocolate covered pretzel rods in vanilla ice cream

3. Ranking: #4 Most Popular Flavor. 

Our Sea Salt Almond flavor may not be an OG Fatty Sundays flavor, but it's now a bestseller! Toffee is #1, followed by Birthday Cake and Rainbow Sprinkles, and then it's Sea Salt Almond.

4. 1 of 3 Dark Chocolate Flavors.

A majority of our pretzels are dipped in milk chocolate, so our Sea Salt Almond flavor is only 1 of 3 dark chocolate flavors! If you're a dark chocolate lover or know someone who is, you've got to gift yourself (or that special someone) these pretzels!

5. Tag Line: We're Nuts About You.

Did you know each flavor has a special tag line, written on the side of the boxes? Sea Salt Almond's is "We're Nuts About You." 

Are you celebrating #ChocolateWithAlmondsDay? 



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