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A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Fatty Sundays

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Fatty Sundays

The Fatty Sundays story began by combining just 3 simple ingredients - salted pretzel rods, melted chocolate, and rainbow sprinkles (hint, hint: our Sprinkles pretzels). These were the chocolate covered pretzels treats our Mom used to make. Fast forward 5+ years and we’ve expanded our pretzel dipping repertoire way beyond just milk chocolate and sprinkles. We’ve gone tropical with flaky toasted coconut topping, freshened up with dark chocolate and peppermint, and made our pretzels a little more savory with sea salt and roasted almonds.

We love to demo our pretzel dipping process, which we’ve done in the past for companies like Refinery29, Business Insider, and at DC’s Union Market. We’re here to share the simple step-by-step process of dipping and decorating a Fatty Sundays pretzel. It’s fun, crumb-free, and you get to eat it your work when you’re done!

Step One: Gather plain pretzel rods. Pick out a perfect one: without any dents, and the perfect amount of salt coverage.

Step Two: Fill bowls with melted milk, white and dark chocolate. Scoop up melted chocolate with a rubber spatula and gently twirl the pretzel rod on the spatula. This way you’ll get a perfect chocolate-to-pretzel ratio that’s not too thick. Make sure to leave about half an inch at the top of the pretzel chocolate-free so there’s room for clean handling!

Step Three: Lay out bowls filled with different toppings (our 10 flavors are listed below!). Scoop the topping up with a spoon and and sprinkle the pretzel rod with it. Twirl the pretzel rod as you are covering it in topping, and make sure you don’t miss any spots!

Step Four: Repeat Steps 1-3 switching up the chocolate type and toppings each time!

When we do pretzel dipping demos we like to have fun with it and sometimes mix chocolates and toppings on each pretzel. For example, we love making black and white pretzels inspired by one of our favorite bakery treats. We’ll dip half other pretzel in white chocolate and the other half in milk chocolate. No topping needed!

Check out our 10 insanely delicious flavors below!

Our long-time loves:

Toffee: made with milk chocolate and sweet, caramel-y toffee bits
Birthday Cake: coated with white chocolate and topped with vanilla cookie crumbles and rainbow sprinkles
Sprinkles: made up of pretzels, chocolate, and rainbow sprinkles (exactly how our Mom used to make them!)
Peppermint: red and white peppermint candy pieces sprinkled over rich 70% dark chocolate
PB+J: creamy milk chocolate, crunchy roasted peanuts and hints of tangy raspberry
Cookies + Cream: smothered in white chocolate and covered in chocolate cookie crumbles
Coconut: milk chocolate dipped with shreds of golden, toasted, flaky coconut

New to the flavor family:

Dark Chocolate: drenched in a thick layer of 70% cacao dark chocolate - simple and topping free!
Sea Salt Almond: combines dark chocolate, flaky sea salt, and roasted almonds
Speculoos: dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with gingerbread cookie crumbles

Which flavor do you fancy? Pick out your favorites on our site here. With 10 pretzel flavors to choose from, we truly have something for every sweet + salty palate out there. We hope you enjoyed learning about how we dip and decorate a Fatty Sundays pretzel!



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