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Banana Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

Banana Pretzels: Friday Flavor Feature

Go bananas for our banana pretzels

Our banana pretzels will satisfy any chocolate or fruit craving! This unique flavor was inspired by the classic snack of dipping bananas in chocolate. Our banana chocolate covered pretzels are dunked in rich white chocolate and then coated with crunchy banana bits. The chocolate and banana flavors are definitely still there, but we've added a perfectly salty and crunchy pretzel rod to the bunch. 

When we were growing up, we also really loved bananas and peanut butter as a snack, or on toast for breakfast. There's something about the combination of banana with something sweet and creamy that's been a favorite of ours. If we ever bring in another flavor in the banana family, it will definitely be Peanut Butter Banana! Don't forget to eat fresh bananas too, on their own or in a Fatty Sundays banana split! Here are 5 benefits that come with eating bananas:

  1.     Protect against muscle cramps during workouts or during your sleep (no more feeling so crampy!)
  2.     Improve your mood and reduce stress
  3.     Help with digestion in your body – they are a great source of fiber
  4.     Give you an increase in energy
  5.     Can treat skin conditions – rub the peel on your face to help relieve irritation!

Want to make a Fatty Sundays banana split? Check out this recipe:

-1 large banana
-1 scoop of your favorite ice cream (we like vanilla)
-2 tablespoons of hot fudge or chocolate sauce
-As many crushed Fatty Sundays banana pretzels as you'd like!
-5 cherries to top it off

Order Fatty Sundays banana pretzels here!



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