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Cereal + Milk + Fatty Sundays: a Perfect Combination

Posted on June 29 2016

Cereal + Milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

While chocolate covered pretzels are by far our favorite snack here at Fatty Sundays, cereal is a close second. We can eat cereal + milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the cereal we probably like most is Lucky Charms. Growing up our mom always taught us sweets in moderation, so eating Lucky Charms was a special occasion of sorts for us, and still is today!

Our love for cereal of all kinds inspired our Cereal + Milk pretzels. Dipped in white chocolate and covered in cinnamon cereal, our Cereal + Milk pretzel flavor will bring you back to your childhood. Who remembers watching cartoons in your pajamas, with a big bowl of cereal? Bursting with flavor, it’s perfect for the cinnamon lovers out there. Want an extra sweet breakfast idea for the weekend? Put some of our Toffee and Sprinkles pretzel bites in a bowl of milk and eat it like a cereal. This is a perfect snack for anytime of day, really. Extra cereal, like Lucky Charms, is optional (but encouraged!) Enjoy your cereal and Fatty Sundays pretzel combination, and don’t forget to slurp up the extra milk!



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