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  • Fatty Sundays Pretzel Snack Mix

    Posted on May 24 2017

    Fatty Sundays Pretzel Snack Mix
    Living in Sweet + Salty Heaven Sweet + salty has always been our go-to. Fatty Sundays pretzels are the epitome of sweet + salty. Decadent chocolate (and sweet toppings!) combine with a perfectly salted pretzel to leave your taste buds exploding with amazing flavor. With just one bite, it’s practically impossible not to get addicted to our pretzels. After almost five years of pretzel dipping, we still enjoy eating Fatty Sundays just as much as we did on day one! Over the years we’ve expand...
  • The 5 Best Ways to Study for Finals

    Posted on May 10 2017

    The 5 Best Ways to Study for Finals
    Somehow it’s already May, and for many students this month is both exciting and draining. You’re expected to study for about 10 different finals simultaneously, but then comes summer break and graduation for seniors! Studying for finals can be stressful, especially if you’re struggling to find the time and energy to put in the work. Well, we have some tips to help you ace those tests! Exercise before you study. Working out gets your blood flowing, helping you focus. Avoid all-nighters. Stud...
  • 5 Surprisingly Awesome Pretzel Food Combos

    Posted on April 24 2017

    5 Surprisingly Awesome Pretzel Food Combos
    We all have one - a weird food combo that we absolutely love but everyone else thinks we’re crazy to eat. When we offer friends a bite of our creation, they’re hesitant to try it. But, we keep on eating and enjoying! We’ve come up with some unexpectedly awesome pretzel food combos for you to try out with your Fatty Sundays pretzels. Let us know which one is your favorite!   Fatty Sundays Sprinkles Pretzels and Potato Chips: It’s no surprise that sweet and salty are a match made in heaven, ...
  • The Scientific Reasoning Behind the Sweet + Salty Combo

    Posted on March 27 2017

    The Scientific Reasoning Behind the Sweet + Salty Combo
    Are you the type who loves to mix together sweet treats and salty snacks? We certainly are! Ever take a moment and  wonder why this combo tastes so delicious? Spoon University, a media hub for all things food, looked into this phenomena and provided some scientific answers. Since Fatty Sundays are the most delicious sweet and salty goodies out there, we wanted to give you the scoop on why that is! Our tongues can sense all five tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and savory. Tastebuds have...
  • Wake up on National Coffee Day with Fatty Sundays

    Posted on September 29 2016

    Wake up on National Coffee Day with Fatty Sundays
    #NationalCoffeeDay As two girls living in New York City, sisters Ali and Lauren are big fans of coffee. There’s really nothing like a good cup of coffee to get the morning started. One of our all time favorite places to get coffee in New York is Brooklyn Roasting Company, especially on the weekends. There are a few locations, and it’s a great place to get work done too! We celebrated National Coffee Day with a cup of Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee in hand. Have you ever tried pairing a ...


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