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What Type Of Grad Are They? Find The Perfect Gift For Them Inside!
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What Type Of Grad Are They? Find The Perfect Gift For Them Inside!

Do you know a 2019 grad? Searching for unique graduation gifts can be a challenge, but we've got you covered. Congratulate them for all their hard work with well-deserved sweets! Today we have 3 gift suggestions for you based on what type of grad they are. Read on to find the prefect pretzel gift for your special grad.

The Family-Oriented Grad

Red gift box of chocolate covered pretzels

They're moving back home to spend some much-needed time with family before entering the real world. Gift them our Large Gift Box, an assortment of 20 pretzels. They'll need enough to share with the family!

The Overachieving Grad

Chocolate covered pretzel gift boxes in rainbow color order

They're the studious and organized type, and maybe they're a little bit of a perfectionist. Gift them our A+ gift: the Pretzel Library! They'll love that the pretzel boxes are organized in perfect rainbow order. It's so satisfying and pretty, they won't want to open it.

The World Traveler Grad

Pretzel bites with birthday cake topping and white chocolate in a pouch

They're planning to take some time off and travel the world. Maybe they're backpacking through Europe or South America. They'll need snacks for the airport, and our Birthday Cake Pretzel Bites are the best travel buddy. Plus, the pouches fit perfectly in suitcases.

Say congrads in the sweetest way possible! Outsmart your kiddo, sibling, BFF, or any special graduate with top of the class pretzel treats.



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