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Which Mom Do You Have? Find Out What Gift Set Is Perfect For Her!
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Which Mom Do You Have? Find Out What Gift Set Is Perfect For Her!

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom this Mother's Day and you're stumped? For today's post, we've come up with 3 gift set recommendations for moms based on their personality traits!

Whether your mom is your best friend, or she likes to play things safe, or she's the party mom, we have something to evoke her spirit and that we're sure she'll love! Which mom do you have? Find out what gift set is perfect for her below!

For The Mom Who Is Also Your BFF

She's your confidante and partner in crime. People may even compare you two to Lorelai and Rory.

Give her a gift set of Cinnamon Sugar and PB+J pretzels. The warm colors of the boxes are so inviting! Pair the Cinnamon Sugar pretzels with rosé and enjoy during one of your late night chats.

For The Mom Who Likes To Keep It Safe And Play By The Rules

She's responsible and reliable in everything she does. She's never shown up late to pick you up. 

Gift her our Toffee and Sea Salt Almond gift set. You'll be keeping things safe with our best-selling flavors, and she'll appreciate that. Plus, the bright yellow and orange colors will make her so happy (and hopefully a little less stressed).

For The Mom Who Likes A Good Party

She very sociable and always loves when your friends come over. In fact, she'll let you throw a party at the house (as long as she can attend). 

Gift her our fun Birthday Cake and Rainbow Sprinkles gift set, because any day is worth celebrating in her eyes. 

We have 10+ flavors to choose from, and we're sure you'll find something just right for your mom. Have fun creating your own gift set, and don't forget to include a gift message with your order! We'll handwrite it on our special note cards for you.

Happy Mother's Day from our Fatty Sundays family to yours! 



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