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Fatty Sundays Pretzel Snack Mix

Fatty Sundays Pretzel Snack Mix

Living in Sweet + Salty Heaven

Sweet + salty has always been our go-to. Fatty Sundays pretzels are the epitome of sweet + salty. Decadent chocolate (and sweet toppings!) combine with a perfectly salted pretzel to leave your taste buds exploding with amazing flavor. With just one bite, it’s practically impossible not to get addicted to our pretzels. After almost five years of pretzel dipping, we still enjoy eating Fatty Sundays just as much as we did on day one!

Over the years we’ve expanded our snack repertoire and have been known to mix our bite-sized treats with other yummy, salty snacks. Biting into a chocolate covered pretzel and classic potato chip simultaneously is seriously tasty, you have to try it out for yourself! Check out our snack and flavor mixing recommendations below.

-Toffee Pretzel Bites and Chex Mix: Pretzels on pretzels on popcorn on Doritos… too good!
-Birthday Cake Pretzel Bites and Potato Chips: Super sweet and salty crunch.
-Toffee Pretzel Bites and Munchies: Cheese-y, caramel-y goodness.

You can really never go wrong with a good sweet + salty flavor combo. Enjoy a poolside snack this summer with these easy to make crowd pleasers. Simply throw it all into a bowl and serve. Purchase our bites here and get flavor mixing!




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