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Fatty Sundays + Coolhaus Collaboration

Fatty Sundays + Coolhaus Collaboration

The Road Less Traveled

Have you ever tried Coolhaus ice cream? Coolhaus boasts innovative ice cream flavors that range from fried chicken and waffles to key lime pie and everything in between. What started as two women combining their baked desserts and ice cream to make ice cream sandwiches is now a nationwide business with many sweet treats available. They now have ice cream trucks in LA, Dallas, and NYC, 2 storefronts in California, and sell in thousands of markets!

This summer, we teamed up with Coolhaus on a special project, and the result was sinfully delicious. The Road Less Traveled ice cream flavor features bits of our decadent simply Dark Chocolate pretzels, mashed up with salted caramel almonds and a marshmallow swirl. Talk about sweet bliss! The flavors all combine to create a wickedly awesome ice cream. 

Like Fatty Sundays, Coolhaus was started by two women who love combining sweet and savory flavors. Their uniqueness is so refreshing, and they’ve succeeded in modernizing ice cream desserts. Learn more about the coolness over at Coolhaus here. And don’t forget: our pretzel rods are delicious (and practical!) as a spoon in your ice cream. So why not order some extra pretzel rods here to make your ice cream treat even more indulgent?



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