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  • Spring Into Mother’s Day With Our Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowls

    Posted on April 15 2018

    Spring Into Mother’s Day With Our Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowls
    We made a fresh, pretty treat for Mother’s Day: ice cream “smoothie” bowls topped with Fatty Sundays bite-sized pretzels! The pastel pink color of our strawberry smoothie is just perfect for spring. We were so happy with how these came out that we had to share with you. Our Mom’s famous rainbow sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels inspired the start of Fatty Sundays, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her. Growing up we loved being in the kitchen with Mom making and enjoying her goo...
  • Pretzel Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowl

    Posted on March 29 2018

    Pretzel Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowl
    There’s no better pair than Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels and ice cream. This past weekend we combined two classics, our PB+J pretzels and a strawberry vanilla shake, and discovered our new favorite flavorful dessert for the spring. Learn how to make our Pretzel Ice Cream “Smoothie” Bowl here, and indulge yourself on a Sunday morning. Because Fatty Sundays is all about treating yourself to dessert for breakfast, once in a while! Pretzel Ice Cream Smoothie Bowl Ingredients -1 handf...
  • Chocolate Covered Matzah Dessert Recipes for Passover

    Posted on March 13 2018

    Chocolate Covered Matzah Dessert Recipes for Passover
    Who knew the words “matzah” and “delicious” could be used in the same sentence? Here at Fatty Sundays, we’ve transformed the traditional flatbread by dipping it in decadent chocolate and smothering it with different toppings. We’ve gone one step further and created speciality dessert recipes with our matzah as the main ingredient. Read on for how to incorporate your Fatty Sundays matzah into indulgent desserts that are sure to satisfy your Seder guests this Passover.  Matzah Ice Cream Sandwic...
  • Easter Bunny Vanilla Carrot Cake

    Posted on March 12 2018

    Easter Bunny Vanilla Carrot Cake
    There’s a fun way to eat veggies, and at Fatty Sundays, obviously it is as a dessert. You’re probably wondering: veggies for dessert, really? We were skeptical about it at first too, but we gave it a try and were delighted by the result. Easter is just around the corner, and as we were thinking of fun ideas for our Easter photoshoot, we started picturing cute little Easter bunnies nibbling on carrots. That thought inspired us to make a yummy vanilla carrot cake for the holiday. As everyone kn...
  • Fatty Sundays + Coolhaus Collaboration

    Posted on July 12 2017

    Fatty Sundays + Coolhaus Collaboration
    The Road Less Traveled Have you ever tried Coolhaus ice cream? Coolhaus boasts innovative ice cream flavors that range from fried chicken and waffles to key lime pie and everything in between. What started as two women combining their baked desserts and ice cream to make ice cream sandwiches is now a nationwide business with many sweet treats available. They now have ice cream trucks in LA, Dallas, and NYC, 2 storefronts in California, and sell in thousands of markets! This summer, we teamed...