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It's National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
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It's National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Dunk Our Pretzels in Your Favorite Chocolate Ice Cream

I scream, you scream… we’re all screaming for Fatty Sunday’s and ice cream! If you’re a member of the chocolate lovers club like we are, then National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is probably marked in your calendar. We love how rich, creamy and indulgent chocolate ice cream is. And, you guessed it, our crunchy chocolate covered pretzels pair perfectly with it!

Dark chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate ice cream

The crunchy texture of our chocolate covered pretzels just goes so well with classic chocolate ice cream. It also adds a unique flavor to it, making it the best sweet and salty combo ever.

Spice up your bowl with a dark chocolate flavor like Sea Salt Almond or Salted Caramel. This will also balance out the sweetness of the ice cream! Whichever way you go, our pretzels are bound to take your chocolate ice cream to another level.

Top Five Reasons We Love This Combo


1. It's the epitome of sweet and salty goodness.

2. You can use the pretzel rod as a spoon to dip in your ice cream, which is super fun.

3. Or, you can break up the pretzel rods into pieces and enjoy it as a topping on your ice cream.

4. The salty pretzel rod balances out the sweetness of the chocolate ice cream.

5. Double the chocolate (chocolate covered pretzels + chocolate ice cream) means double the deliciousness.

Check out one of our favorite ice cream companies of all time, Steve's Ice Cream. They are also a local Brooklyn business! Try out Steve's Chocolate Salty Caramel to celebrate #NationalChocolateIceCreamDay, just like we did.



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