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Fluffernutter Sandwiches with Sprinkles and Pretzels

Posted on October 08 2016

Fluffernutter Sandwiches with Sprinkles and Crushed Sprinkle Pretzel Bites

A Fluffernutter Recipe Done the Right Way

Today, Fatty Sundays is excited to celebrate one of our favorite holidays, National Fluffernutter Day! In honor of the occasion, we made a classic PB+Fluff sandwich (or Fluffernutter sandwich as we prefer to call it) with a unique twist. The secret ingredient? We add Fatty Sundays Sprinkle Pretzels (with extra sprinkles, of course) and we can’t wait to share our family Fluffernutter recipe with you!

Flutternutter Sandwiches with Sprinkles Inside

A Tradition With a Twist

Every year when we were growing up, our mom made Fluffernutter sandwiches as a special school lunch treat on our birthday. But where does the Fluffernutter tradition come from?

  • Marshmallow fluff, the delicious gooey marshmallow creme basis of the Fluffernutter sandwich, was invented in Massachusetts during World War I as a result of sugar shortages.
  • The first published Fluffernutter recipe came from marshmallow fluff co-creator Emma Curtis, the great-great-great granddaughter of Paul Revere!
  • Fluffernutters aren’t just popular here on Earth. Astronaut Richard Michael Linnehan enjoyed a Fluffernutter sandwich while he was onboard the International Space Station.
We know the Fluffernutter sandwich is a tried and true classic, so we’re going to show you what you need and how to make your own #NationalFluffernutterDay treat with a Sprinkle Pretzel spin!

Fluffernutter Recipe Ingredients:

For each sandwich you will need:
-2 slices of white bread
-2 Tablespoons of marshmallow fluff
-2 Tablespoons of creamy Skippy peanut butter
-Sprinkles (of any color of your choosing, but we love rainbow sprinkles for this!)
-Crushed Fatty Sundays Sprinkle Pretzel Bites

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients you’ll need, you’re ready to get started!

Fluffernutter Recipe Directions:

Follow these simple steps to create your own Fatty Sunday Fluffernutter Sandwich:
1. Spread the peanut butter onto one side of the bread, followed by the marshmallow fluff.
2. Sprinkle crushed Fatty Sundays Sprinkle Pretzel Bites and sprinkles on top of the peanut butter and marshmallow mixture.
3. Close the sandwich. If you’re feeling extra sweet like we always are, you can add another layer (or three) to create a delicious stack of Fluffernutter sandwiches!

Fluffernutter Sandwiches For Any Occasion

Our Fluffernutter recipe is perfect for almost any occasion, whether it’s a special birthday lunch treat or you find yourself in need of a sweet snack! (Fatty) Sunday is right around the corner, so go ahead and treat yourself! For more tasty treat ideas, be sure to check out our other delicious and fun to make recipes on our blog.


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